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Our Process Here at Schwalb Builders in Miami

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Marble countertop for bathrooms in Miami

At Schwalb Builders Miami, we equip our services to provide our clients with the utmost convenience. We do this by offering a process that’s simple and only has five steps.

Step One: Receive a Free Consultation On-Site

The first step to starting a home renovation, whether it be a bathroom or kitchen project, is to conduct an on-site consultation. This allows our staff to get to know you and the desires you wish to receive from enlisting in our services. These on-site consultations allow us to create a thorough appraisal that details exactly what you want to accomplish from your remodeling project.

To align with our objective of offering convenient services to our customers, we come to your home to conduct a step-by-step assessment of what we’re working with. This helps us create a visual of what is present and what you want to change.

Step Two: Proposal and Planning

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Kitchen remodel in Miami, FL

After we have had a consultation at your home and seen the project you want to conduct, we can go to the drawing board to finalize the remodel vision. This is done to gain a scope of exactly what it is you want. Thus, this information can begin to be shared among our designers and contractors to develop the best idea with the information you have provided us with.

Once we have displayed this information to all of the relevant members of the team, we can go ahead with establishing a design proposal. Within this proposal, the estimated costs and the timeline involved in completing this project is listed. After creating this proposal, we meet with you to discuss the model and see if there are any changes you would like to make.

This proposal is discussed in-depth to ensure everything is made clear. In addition to this, you can freely add any feedback about the model and make adjustments after reviewing the entire project’s model. The process is entirely customizable. This allows our team at Schwalb Builders Miami to customize every single project to the individual needs of the particular client. We do this because we know that renovations don’t work on a one-size-fits-all basis.

Step Three Rendering and Pre-Production

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Cozy & Private Bathtub in Miami

After we have gotten the project approved by you, we then begin the process of creating 3D renderings of your project. This is done so that you can fully experience what we have planned to do with the space. This is to display the finished project of what the room would look like after the renovation has been completed.

You get the chance to look through everything we have done and make any changes that you would like. After looking through and signing off on our renderings that we’ve constructed, we can begin preparing for the pre-production stage and start ordering the necessary materials, finalizing the scheduling, and putting together the labor team.

Step Four: Finalization and Approval

The production on the building can commence after the building space has been approved, along with having the necessary design, labor, and materials in place. We have equipped our entire production process to be as effortless and convenient as possible because we understand that undertaking any renovation project can be stressful for the homeowner.

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Bathrooms & Kitchens Remodeling

Throughout the entirety of the production process, your dedicated project manager is going to play the liaison between the crew, you, and any other professionals that are involved in the complete project. When enlisting in our services, you can be assured that we are going to keep you updated on the progress and timing of the project throughout the entire production process. In addition to this, we are also going to do everything in our power to cater to your needs involving your home while we work on improving it.

Step Five: Completion and Finalizing

Once the primary construction and installation have been completed, your dedicated project manager is going to walk you through the renovated space. Both of you are going to evaluate every single detail within the area. Anything that you want to address is going to be handled with the utmost professionalism, and it is going to be addressed, fixed, or reworked until you are left with a project that’s exactly what you wanted.

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