The Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2022

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Sean Schwalb
Sean Schwalb


If you’re looking to remodel, redesign, or simply redecorate your kitchen, you could not ask for a more caring or competent team than the one you’ll find at Schwalb Builders. After spending years becoming one of the most highly-rated and sought-after kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies in Denver, Colorado, the Schwalb Building team is bringing its premiere interior design services to Miami, Florida.

Schwalb Builders is a fully licensed A-team of second-generation builders who are veterans of the field and experts in their craft. With over 15 years of industry excellence and experience, Schwalb’s unparalleled commitment to quality and service means that they will bring a modern, sheik, yet inviting aesthetic to your kitchen and do it all with the best work ethic in the business.

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White Modern Kitchen Remodeling In Miami

Across their five-step process, the team at Schwalb Builders Miami offers free on-site consultation, a drawing-board proposal, and a planning stage in which the plans are actively drawn out. A render and pre-production stage in which they present you with precise and accurate visualizations of what your kitchen will look like after they have executed their plan to ensure it’s everything you want and more, a finalization and approval step which guarantees that you and the team are on the exact same page just before the final step of completion and finalizing commences, and the team is able to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

At Schwalb, their team knows that the kitchen is one of the most crucial areas in the entire house. It’s not only where you prepare food for yourself and your family; it’s also where you’re building lifelong memories with the people you love the most. That’s why Schwalb is committed to bringing clean, organized, fancy kitchen design to Miami in an intellectual and efficient fashion.

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Modern White Kitchen Project

The Hottest Kitchen Looks of 2022

It’s 2022, and Miami residents have been through a lot in the past few years. For many, the last handful of years has been a tumultuous period that led to spending a lot more time inside of their own homes than they may have been expecting, which has greatly influenced the aesthetic tendencies of interior design over the course of that time. More and more people in Miami are spending more time in the kitchen, which is why it’s more critical than ever that the kitchen be not only effectively organized but also distinctly welcoming. A place that you want to spend your time in, not just somewhere you have to spend your time.

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White & Shiny Kitchen Design

According to design experts, the hottest kitchen design trends of 2022 are all stemming from this exact line of thought. Colorful cabinets, black accents and appliances, and multiple kitchen islands are all some of the hottest upward trending looks for kitchens this year, and it’s easy to see why. These are visually decadent touches that can really make your kitchen’s aesthetic pop with profound style and make it a place that is not only scrumptious to your taste buds but also to your eyes as well.

Simultaneously, many of the other most current and hottest trends all correlate to a single idea: resourcefulness. Hidden storage spaces, linear lighting, and disappearing upper cabinets have all become increasingly popular in kitchen spaces this year, all because they help minimize clutter and maximize efficiency. As noted interior designer Rebecca Gibbs said, many of this year’s latest trends are driven by “a mentality of purging and simplifying” while also providing “room for your eyes to breathe, do something just for the prettiness of it, instead of focusing on practicality.”

In other words, the hottest trends of interior design as a whole in 2022 are a wondrous intertwining of aesthetic beauty and straightforward resourcefulness, all of which are the very foundations of what Schwalb Builders has been providing its clients for more than 15 years. Looks like the rest of the industry is just finally beginning to catch up.

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Retro Kitchen Project In Miami

The Hottest Kitchen Colors of 2022

As mentioned, a lot of the most popular trends in kitchen design in 2022 are a direct result of so many people having spent so much more time than usual in their kitchen over the past few years, all while dealing with some not-so-lovely stressors from the outside world. Thus, aesthetic beauty in the kitchen has become a priority, and this leads directly into the kinds of colors one can see taking over the industry: poppy and vibrant.

Some of the most popular colors that Miami designers are seeing increasingly desired in the kitchen space are nature-inspired greens and bright sunshine-inspired yellows. In a world where people have spent a not insignificant chunk of time trapped inside, the current trends show them longing for the aesthetics of nature more than ever before. Bringing the natural beauty of your exterior world into your interior world helps to carve out a kitchen space that feels harmonious and well-balanced, putting your mind at ease and helping you to enjoy cooking in that kitchen more than ever before.

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The Most Trendy Kitchen Colors In Miami

Some of the other hottest color trends of the moment are, indeed, those deep, bold blacks we’ve already discussed, with more and more interior designers such as Shaolin Low sighting them as a wonderful “pop of color.” While those nature-inspired greens and yellows are increasingly popular to use as the predominant color scheme for the entire kitchen, these bold blacks, and dark greys are to be used sparingly and as accents that help to further accentuate the colors around them.

Schwalb Builders is intent on crafting a kitchen space you are going to love, and you would be shocked at just how much color and aesthetic beauty can truly affect the subconscious mind. If you don’t like the look of a space, then it’s never going to feel right to you, either. At Schwalb, they know that a little bit of color can go a long way toward making your forever home feel even homier.

No More All-White Kitchens?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

All-white kitchens have been a dominant design trait in the kitchen space for decades now, and even in 2022, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. An all-white kitchen provides a refreshing, blank canvas upon which you can cleanse your own palette, both in terms of taste and mental state.

The all-white kitchen design is classic and timeless for a reason, and the diligent team at Schwalb Builders knows that. Some of your earliest memories may well be of spending time with a parent or grandparent cooking in an all-white kitchen, in one of those treasured lifelong memories we spoke of earlier. At Schwalb, they know that if you’re looking to hold on to those treasured memories, recapture that magical feeling, or create an environment in which you can help to pass on similar memories to a brand new generation, an all-white kitchen may just be the perfect route to take.

It’s simple, but true masters of their craft like those at Schwalb know that simple is not necessarily bad.

two tones kitchen remodel
Two Tones Kitchen Remodeling Project In Miami

The Most Popular Countertops of 2022

While 2022 has seen some increasingly unique and idiosyncratic design choices make their way into the kitchen space, such as the evergreen trend of illuminated or backlit countertops, which can serve as their own light source for an atmospheric and intimate dining occasion, the most popular countertop of 2022 remains the marble countertop.

And frankly, it’s easy to see why. Marble countertops provide a cool-to-the-touch, visually enticing surface whose smooth features make clean-up missions effortless, all while remaining reliably resilient to scratches, scuffs, or stains.

Schwalb Builders can not only give you the kinds of precisely-installed marble countertops you’ve always wanted but also knows exactly how to pair them with the rest of your kitchen’s design. Some of the hottest trends of 2022 have seen designers matching these marble countertops with the kitchen’s backsplash in a simple yet effective statement of cohesiveness. They are tying the space together or turning the traditionally rounded marble countertop into a waterfall-edge countertop to match even more neatly with the linear lines of the rest of the kitchen.

With Schwalb, you don’t have to compromise what you want in order to get what you need. They’ll give you what you want, what you need, and what you didn’t even know you needed.

countertops quartz catalogue
Quartz Countertop Catalogue

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinets of 2022

There are a few different rising trends for kitchen cabinets this year, all of which offer an even greater deal of variety and versatility in the kitchen space. One of the most dominant design choices seen trending upward this year has been natural wooden cabinets. This not only pairs excellently with the nature-inspired green and yellow colors that have become so popular this year but also further the desired motif of those colors, furthers working to bring the beauty of the external world into your inner world to great effect.

One of the other hottest trends for kitchen cabinets right now stems from another increasingly popular design principle that we’ve already discussed: simplicity. Handless kitchen cabinets are one of the most in-vogue choices for post-modern-minded designs, as it feeds into Rebecca Gibbs’ previously mentioned mentality of “purging and simplifying” while also doing it “just for the prettiness of it.”

Wooden and handless cabinets look great in the kitchen space, and Schwalb Builders is tirelessly committed to giving you a modern and effortlessly inhabitable kitchen. Kitchen cabinets may not seem like a huge factor, but they are often what takes up the most space in your field of view when you’re in the kitchen. Schwalb knows the devil is truly in the details and that those cabinets are crucial to your happiness.

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Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Tones

Are Shaker Cabinets Out of Style?

Just like the all-white kitchen, Shaker-style cabinet doors never go truly out of style. They are the bread-and-butter of interior design in the kitchen space, and regardless of how much some subsets of the design world may try to move away from them for a period of time, they inevitably wind up coming back around to the Shaker cabinet.

In 2022, over 64% of kitchen remodels utilized Shaker-style cabinet doors. So no, they’re never truly out of style, especially not in 2022. Schwalb knows not to scoff at a design choice that has proved its merit. Like the all-white kitchen, Shaker cabinets have remained a fixture in the American home for decades for a very good reason. Schwalb is more than happy to incorporate this timeless choice into your kitchen.

Shaker Cabinets
Shaker Cabinets Design In Miami

Are Subway Tiles Out of Style?

While what is and isn’t in style at the moment is a very fluid conversation, as of this moment in 2022, traditional subway tiles have become a bit stale in terms of what they offer. The team at Schwalb Builders never wants to mislead you and leave you with a kitchen that you are not ultimately thrilled with for years and years to come. So as much as they stand by the classically timeless, they also aren’t going to mislead you by chasing a flighty trend that may very well be on its way out for good.

Subway tiles can still be utilized in innovative ways within the space to great effect, just not necessarily in an expected manner. Straight-laced subway tiles are very much out of style in 2022, but if you love subway tiles, the experts at Schwalb are more than capable of revitalizing this tired trend with a few inspired touches, such as using them in a stacked layout to harness a more post-modern aesthetic that can be used as a powerful accent.

Subway Tiles miami
The Trend Of Subway Tiles In Kitchens – 2022

How Dimensions Affect Your Kitchen’s Costs

No matter what anybody tells you, size matters. And so does honesty. The multi-generational professionals at Schwalb Builders always want to be as open with you as possible, inviting you into every step of the planning and designing so that you get to play the leading role in creating and executing your kitchen the way you want it.

One of the most crucial decisions in the design process is agreeing on a plan, both in terms of the dimensions of the kitchen layout and in terms of the price of the remodel itself.

Small Kitchens

Generally defined as anywhere between sixty and ninety square feet, these dimensions offer the kind of space that is usually best suited to only having one cook involved in the process.

small kitchen in miami
Small Orange Kitchen In Miami

Medium Kitchens

Generally defined as anywhere between ninety and one-hundred-and-twenty square feet, these dimensions offer greater space. They are more appropriate for cooking endeavors that necessitate more than one cook.

Large Kitchens

Generally defined as anywhere between one-hundred-and-twenty to two-hundred square feet, these dimensions will present more than enough space and accommodation for multiple cooks and multiple guests/onlookers/moochers.

Kitchen Remodel Cost in Miami, FL

In Miami, the lowest price available for a kitchen remodel is, on average, around $30,000. However, the experts at Schwalb have been able to get their just-the-basics remodel cost for small kitchens all the way down as low as $20,000, shaving off an entire third of the price offered by the competition.

kitchen remodel cost miami
How Much Will It Cost Me To Remodel My Kitchen?

For greater sizes and a greater variety of choices, most of Schwalb’s customers go for the $30,000 plan, which covers the entire kitchen from head to toe. And while the competition’s fees and service charges can often skyrocket to seemingly no end, Schwalb Builders treasures your trust. If you’re looking to go all-out in terms of dimensions and features, Schwalb estimates their highest charge is an average of $150,000.

How Finish Level Affects Your Kitchen’s Costs

Your kitchen’s finish level is not the last boss battle at the end of building your kitchen (although the experts at Schwalb could definitely handle such a task with ease) but is instead just a general term used to refer to the overall price level of the materials used in the kitchen’s remodel. The quality of everything from countertops to flooring, to fixtures, to cabinets is housed within the umbrella term of finish level. The higher the quality of the items, the higher the finish level, and thus the higher the cost.

levels of kitchen finish
What Is Your Budget?

Budget Finish

It will mean that the team uses the most cost-efficient items while still advocating the items’ long-lasting reliability. This often means acquiring items from cabinet makers such as J&K Cabinetry and JSI Cabinetry in an effort to be more cost-efficient.

Mid-grade Finish

This is going to mean that the team is more actively looking at higher-end materials and items while still keeping an eye on the most cost-efficient of the bunch. This often results in products being purchased from vendors such as Crown Cabinets, kitchen cabinet makers that specialize in higher-end items but who often offer substantially better rates for the team.

High-end Finish

It means that the team has been afforded the budget and resources to go above and beyond for the job, getting the materials and items they personally believe in the most for the job. It doesn’t mean there are no budgetary boundaries (they would still be exceedingly economically mindful, only spending when the product truly warrants such an expenditure, all in the service of bettering your home), but it does free the team up to introduce more of their personal customizations and unique accents into the work. The materials purchased here are from custom kitchen cabinet makers such as Divine Cabinetry.

high end kitchen cabinets
Top Quality Of Kitchen Cabinets

Rip-and-Replace Renovation VS. Gut Kitchen Renovation

To gut or not to gut? Truly, that is the question. In the world of kitchen remodels and renovations, you essentially have a choice between two potential routes, each with its own unique pros and cons.

Rip-and-Replace Renovation

Also referred to somewhat confusingly as ‘full renovation,’ this option would see Schwalb Builders’ team leaving the bones of your kitchen intact while renovating everything on the surface. It’s essentially applying new fixtures, new paints, new colors, and new finishes to the pre-established structure of your kitchen. If you already love the flow and layout of your kitchen, this is the perfect option for you, as it will essentially allow the experts at Schwalb to give your kitchen one big facelift, all while preserving the elements you love the most.

rip and replace kitchen remodeling
Kitchen Replacement In Miami, FL

Gut Renovation

This option is precisely what it sounds like: gutting the kitchen and giving the Schwalb team the ability to create your new kitchen from the ground up. While this introduces greater complications (such as licensing general contractors and acquiring architectural services to ensure the renovation is done safely and correctly). It also comes at a greater cost (as you no doubt already guessed), it does afford the added benefit of the experts at Schwalb getting to completely remold your kitchen as you see fit. If you don’t love the flow of your current kitchen, feel it’s cluttered, or won’t afford enough space, taking this route will allow the Schwalb Builders team to make all your dreams come true.

How Remodeling Services Affect Costs

When renovating your kitchen, there are essentially two primary services to consider: build service and design service. While there are a plethora of options regarding what type of firms to hire, some of the largest remodelers in Miami like to keep their takes on this information deliberately dense and complex in an attempt to confuse you. Schwalb Builders is here for you and always wants to be as open and honest about the process as possible. So here is a plain outline of what each service provides and what potential needs these firms could fulfill.

miami remodeling cost
Cost Of Kitchen Remodeling in Miami

Hiring a General Contractor for Build Service

Build service is a larger umbrella term (much like finish level) that simply refers to the services of building at its most fundamental: demolition and subsequent construction. General contractors are firms that offer these services. Based on factors such as experience, overhead, overall service level, and the firm’s size, these general contractors will give you an estimated price of how much they will charge you for their services based on the specificities of your unique kitchen remodel. Always be sure to get multiple quotes from multiple firms, not only because it’s always best to consider many options before committing (in life and in kitchens), but also because general contractors are notoriously competitive with their pricing, and the more estimates you get, the better chance you have of getting a deal that is authentically a good deal in your favor.

Another reason to meet with multiple firms is that even within this subcategory of firms, many of them offer substantially different services, and you need to find which one will best be able to fulfill your dreams. Some of these firms are what is referred to as ‘build-only contractors’, meaning that they do not participate in any way, shape, or form in the professional design of the kitchen space. But instead, simply carry out the building service itself, which is what often leads to necessitating the presence of an interior designer.

full house remodeling in miami
Miami’s Best Full House Contractor

Hiring an Interior Designer, Architect, or Structural Engineer for Design Service

If build service is the umbrella term for the actual building involved in the renovation of your kitchen, then design service is just as effective and simple as an umbrella term. It encompasses all of the fundamental design elements inherent to the remodeling. Essentially, design service can be broken down even further into two core aspects: technical design and creative design.

Again, these subsections are aptly named and easy to remember. Technical design is what you will need to hire either an architect or structural engineer for and deals with exactly what it sounds like: the more technical aspects of the remodel. The role of the architect or structural engineer is to ensure that all of the reconstruction’s design work is up to code and preserves the structural integrity and safety of the home as a whole while Schwalb’s team is bringing your dream kitchen to life.

Speaking of dream kitchens, creative design is what an interior designer is often hired for, and it is the process of creatively redesigning the space as you see fit. It is very important to note here that creative design service is always optional and generally listed as an additional layer of service not included in the price. Some firms charge it as a flat fee tacked on, but the vast majority charge this fee as a percentage of your overall budget. Thus, on average, creative design service results in charges between ten and twenty percent of your entire construction budget. This can lead to you paying a great deal more than anticipated overall once this additional percentage is added on, so always be aware that you can specify that you are not looking to have this service added on when meeting with firms.

Hiring a Full-Service, Design-Build Firm

While the two services (Build and Design) are very much delineated, there is absolutely no rule book demanding that you have to have both services. But if you do find yourself in the position of looking to hire someone to fulfill both of these services, it makes far more economical and logistical sense to hire a design-build firm, which is a firm that has both general contractors who specialize in build services and interior designers who specialize in design services.

This means that not only do you acquire the services of both the general contractor and the interior designer in a single deal rather than having to shop around multiple times for multiple firms, but it also means that this one firm will be working alongside you throughout the entire project.

This ensures much more reliable communication between building services and design services, which ultimately means even greater results for you and a much better chance of everything going as smoothly as it possibly can.

team of contractors in miami
Shcwalb Builders Team In Miami

This makes for a whole lot less hassle for you personally (the two firms you would have hired have become one unified front, meaning that you no longer have to bear the burden of being the messenger, running from one firm to the next to ensure proper communication) and means that you have a much better chance of the remodel being completed on-time and under-budget.

Schwalb Builders Miami: There For You

The team of experienced, veteran experts at Schwalb Building knows just how scary preparing to embark on a renovation project can be. Between the cost, labor, and knowledge that people will be coming into your home and actively tearing it apart for an extended period of time as you attempt to carry on with your everyday life, it can be a very stress-inducing prospect for many people.

But that’s what Schwalb is here for to put your mind at ease and assure you that the finished result is going to be more than worth the time, money, and effort put into it. One of Schwalb’s top priorities is to always keep an open channel of direct communication with you throughout the entire remodeling project. That way, you get to set the parameters of what’s being done, you get to plan out the look and feel of the remodel, and you ultimately get a kitchen that you can make cherished memories in for a lifetime to come.

From Denver, CO, To Miami, FL!

Schwalb Builders have been the go-to builders and renovators of Denver, Colorado, for over fifteen years and remained so sought-after and highly praised during that time that they have expanded across the country, including Miami, Florida. While their size and ambition have broadened, Schwalb Builders has remained intimately focused on only having workers under their banner who are established veterans of their field and absolute experts of their craft. They are capable, cunning hands that you can rely on, both as builders and business people, who are not looking to do you wrong but rather give you the best deal, experience, and kitchen remodel they can.

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