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Minimalism Rocks!

kitchen design processIn addition to being functional, if you want a kitchen, you can be proud to host Thanksgiving dinner with the kids, in-laws, or friends. Unfortunately, your current kitchen just doesn’t meet your needs, and you are ready for a change. At Schwalb Builders, we understand the importance of having a Miami kitchen that is both convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

kitchen builders in miami flOur Design Process

Our kitchen design and kitchen remodel process are straightforward and separated into three distinct stages. These stages are:

  1. Design
  2. Materials
  3. Renovation and installation

We will be there through all of these stages to ensure you, as the homeowner, understand exactly what is happening, what is coming next, and where every dollar from your budget is being spent.

kitchen designer miamiPhase One: Design

When starting any kitchen renovation project, the first step in the process is the design phase. This is where our professional kitchen remodeling contractors work in conjunction with the homeowner to realize your dream kitchen’s design.

Our objective is to understand not only the ultimate kitchen remodeling goals of the Miami, FL, homeowner but also how they want their kitchen to function, both now and down the road.

Your kitchen remodeling project is going to focus on four primary steps:

kitchen design project in miami

accurate kitchen measurementsTake Accurate Measurements

A representative from Schwalb Builders will enter your current kitchen and take detailed measurements. This includes measuring the length and height of every wall and the dimensions of the doorways and windows.

These measurements are critical because they will allow the designers to not only determine the correct dimensions for cabinets and countertops but also the size appliances you will require. Inaccurate measurements will only delay the project, so do not attempt to take any measurements on your own instead, leave this necessary step to the professionals at Schwalb Builders.

kitchen mockups Mockups

After accurate measurements are taken, the designer will provide you with a preliminary mockup. This mockup will both accurately display and highlight the final vision for your Miami, Florida, kitchen.

Our team at Schwalb Builders will create a 3D rendering of your beautiful new Miami kitchen. This includes kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, kitchen flooring, kitchen backsplash, and kitchen lighting, among other elements.

kitchen 3d mockup saves moneyThis 3D mockup provides you with an accurate idea of what your renovated kitchen is going to look like. There are several amazing benefits to utilizing 3D technology when redesigning your kitchen.

For example, offering this detail helps you identify what you may and may not want to be featured in your kitchen with greater ease. This is because seeing the finished in two dimensions is not always easy for our clients to conceptualize. Additionally, a 3D mockup allows both you and the design crew to make changes now before the demolition and construction begin.

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Mid Range Price Kitchen Remodeling With Island
Planning the renovation
Taking measurements for your next bathroom remodeling

kitchen remodeling budgetCreate a Budget

Our team at Schwalb Builders Miami will work alongside you to accurately determine the costs associated with the various projects featured in your kitchen. This discussion helps us understand your budget to make the necessary adjustments that stay within your budget while still offering you a kitchen that works for you and your family.

schwalb builders thumbnailAt Schwalb Builders, we are a full-service building company that works with you every step of the way during the kitchen remodeling process. We work as a singular unit for the entirety of the renovation. This ensures that the project manager can make any necessary adjustments to the budget and that these changes are quickly relayed to the contractors and the rest of the new construction team.

kitchen aesthetic Aesthetics

Once again, because our team at Schwalb Builders Miami is a full-service operation, the aesthetics of your kitchen remodel will not be sacrificed in the name of functionality. We encourage you to look over a wide array of kitchen remodel pictures, both online and in our showroom, for inspiration.

Rest assured, our amazing team of designers and contractors will be at your side throughout this entire process. This will ensure you have the expertise necessary to make your Florida kitchen dreams a reality.

kitchen aesthetic miami
White & Wood Kitchen Remodel
slick Kitchen Renovation miami
Professional Kitchen Renovation

choose kitchen materialsPhase Two: Materials

The cost of materials can vary greatly, depending on your budget and choice of materials. However, no matter what your desired final product is, we only source the highest quality materials for your kitchen renovations from the most established kitchen cabinet, appliances, countertops, and fixture manufacturers and suppliers.

Along with helping you understand the functionality and price of materials, our team is also equipped to help determine the best manufacturers for all of these materials. These kitchen materials include:

kitchen cabinetsStandard and Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Schwalb Builders stocks a range of cabinets manufactured by international and local cabinet makers. Additionally, if you want custom kitchen cabinets, we can help you find the ideal designer to fashion your new cabinets. If the current cabinets are in great shape, our kitchen remodelers can determine if cabinet refacing is the most economically feasible decision for you.

standard kitchen cabinets
Standard Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Miami, FL

plan your kitchen remodelIf you do decide to opt for custom cabinetry, the overall cost can vary greatly, depending on the materials used. For example, custom wood cabinetry typically costs anywhere from $19,000 to $48,000. Laminate custom cabinetry is slightly less expensive and costs approximately $15,000 to $28,000.

Our kitchen remodeling experts can also discuss adding storage solutions to your full kitchen remodel plan. Storage is a huge consideration for many Miami-Dade, Florida, homeowners. If kitchen storage solutions are a priority, our team will ensure the cabinets installed in your kitchen provide you with all the storage necessary.

kitchen countertop and tilesCountertops

No matter what your budget or design aesthetic, our amazing team can help you find the right countertops for you. We source a wide array of countertops, including ice stone (recycled concrete and glass), quartz countertops ( including Zodiaq, Sile Stone, Caesarstone), natural stone countertops, Richlite countertops (recycled paper project), concrete, stainless steel, glass, wood, and granite countertops.

Basically, for any variety of countertops you can imagine, the team at Schwalb Builders can make your kitchen aspirations a reality.

modern kitchen countertops
Modern Kitchen Countertops In Miami, FL

kitchen appliancesAppliances

We offer our clients any appliance that they desire from any manufacturer. We do this by consulting with you about every aspect of appliances, including the manufacturer, the features, the energy efficiency, and anything that will impact the initial cost and overall cost of ownership associated with the appliance.

At Schwalb Builders Miami, making happy customers is our top priority, which is why we are committed to ensuring you purchase the right appliances for your Miami home, family, and project budget.

kitchen appiances
Top Of The Line Kitchen Appliances

kitchen fixturesFixtures

Our team works with you to pick the right fixtures to fit the desired image of your kitchen. This includes quality kitchen sinks, lighting, backsplashes, hoods, knobs, and faucets. We will do an amazing job ensuring that your fixtures are not only functional and beautiful but that you also understand the cost of ownership and upkeep required.

kitchen countertop and backsplash
Wood Kitchen Cabinets and a White Quartz Countertop

kitchen renovation installationPhase Three: Renovation and Installation

The next and final step to truly complete your beautiful new Miami, FL, kitchen renovation is to actually start remodeling kitchens. Our crew will do a fantastic job working tirelessly and quickly to ensure you are able to enjoy your complete kitchen as fast as possible.

prepare for kitchen remodelPrepare for Your Renovation and Installation

Depending on your kitchen remodel’s scope, size, and complexity, our contractors might recommend relocating while the projects are being completed. Whether you temporarily leave or live inside your Miami, FL, house while the services are being completed, it is advisable to remove your belongings from the kitchen.

demolition toolsFor example, grab some boxes and remove any food, small appliances, pots, pans, and other odds and ends while the renovations are being completed. Don’t worry. Once the projects are done, and the renovations are complete, you can move back into the space and begin enjoying your fabulous new kitchen.

stylish kitchen remodel
Kitchen Remodeling Pros In Miami, FL

kitchen demolitionDemolition and Construction

Before you can add your personal style to the kitchen, the construction crew will finish any demolition and construction projects. This typically includes eliminating the existing cabinets and flooring, removing the tile backsplash, and relocating the appliances.

Our professional construction crew will also do any necessary repairs or upgrades during this time. This could be anything from reinforcing the flooring to moving or removing a wall or creating a space for an elegant kitchen island!

kitchen painters miamiPainting

A fresh coat of paint is added to the space next. Our designers will help you decide not only the best color for the kitchen but also the ideal product for the space. In most cases, semi-gloss, high-gloss, or satin finishes are ideal for your Miami, FL, kitchen.

These finishes are all available in a wide variety of colors, are more resistant to mold, and are easier to clean.

kitchen painting contractors
Remodeling & Painting

kitchen remodeling project miami flInstallation

After the paint dries, the fun begins because it is time for the crew to start the installation process. These projects are typically finished in a very specific order. Typically, the flooring is added first before the cabinets are hung. Next, our Miami, FL, crew will carefully install the appliances, ensuring not to damage your beautiful new floors.

kitchen walkthroughPerform a Final Walkthrough with Your Contractors

Now that the appliances are in and the clean-up is finished, it is time to take a final walkthrough of your beautiful new Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, or South Miami, FL, home. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, one of our many design services is ensuring you understand how the projects were completed and how your new Miami kitchen functions.

Once the crew leaves, it is up to you to style your beautiful new kitchen to ensure that it genuinely feels like home!

black white and gold kitchen
Black, White & Gold Kitchen Design

custom kitchen cabinets designContact Schwalb Builders to Design and Realize Your Dream Kitchen!

Your kitchen space is not meeting the needs of your loved ones, and you are ready to work with an established, professional business that has been serving the South Florida area for several years. Look no further than Schwalb Builders. With decades of experience, our amazing company is ready to complete any job, no matter how big or small.

Aesthetics in kitchen
Aesthetics & Vintage

commercial kitchen remodelingUnmatched Professional Service for Residential and Commercial Projects

Our company offers a wide variety of exceptional services throughout the South Florida area. In addition to upgrading the kitchen on single-family homes, we can also design a wide variety of residential and commercial projects.

professional teamIf you are a proud small business owner who wants to create a unique new style and brand, our company can help. Want to put your Miami home on the market and need to design a new kitchen and bath?

Our professional team provides a wide variety of services to both homeowners and business owners throughout the Miami, FL, area.

professional kitchen services in miami
Ultra Modern Kitchen Design
kitchen design process
3D Mock-ups | Miami’s Kitchen Renovation

remodeling tools3D Remodeling Tool

Unlike other professional kitchen and bath remodeling services, Schwalb Builders proudly utilizes 3D technology to help you realize your kitchen and bath aspirations. The 3D rendering will help you not only visualize how your kitchen and bath will look and function but will also help the Miami, FL, designers pinpoint and fix any issues right away.

five stars remodeling company miamiWe Listen to and Understand All Our Customers Needs

Even a small kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can cost thousands of dollars. This is a large amount of money for many Miami homeowners, and you want to ensure that you are truly getting the most out of every dollar you spend.

kitchen remodersAt Schwalb Builders, we understand and can emphasize these concerns. Rest assured that we will hold your hand throughout the entire process, and you will understand exactly what is happening and when your kitchen or bathroom will be finished.

wooden farmhouse kitchen in miami
Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel in Miami, FL

Services We Offer

bathroom remodel project miamiBathroom Remodeling

If you need a new master bathroom, a water closet for guests, or a Jack and Jill bathroom for your Miami home? Schwalb Builders can help you remodel your existing bathrooms or construct an entirely new bath for your home.

start a new remodel projectOur bathroom remodeling projects start in the same way as designing a kitchen. Our design team will help you create a 3D rendering of your bathroom before choosing the right materials and beginning demolition.

After the bathroom is done, we will do a walkthrough to ensure you are very satisfied with our business and the finished product!

best kitchen countertops
Neat kitchen renovation in Miami | Countertops

kitchen remodelingKitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling and design are what Schwalb Builders is known for. We will guide you through every aspect of the process, from creating a 3D rendering of the space to picking out a tile backsplash and finding the best flooring, countertops, and cabinets to demolition and installation.

No matter how big or diminutive the job, we are a full-service Miami, FL, kitchen remodeling and renovation company.

full home remodeling miamiHome Remodeling

Need a new bath, kitchen, living room, and dining room? Sure, Schwalb Builders is famous in the Miami, FL, area for our breathtaking kitchens and bathrooms. However, if your remodeling project is more significant than redoing your bathroom or kitchen, we can help you with that, as well.

kitchen remodeling near meGive Schwalb Builders A Call!

With several years of experience providing fantastic customer service to the Miami, FL, area, the professionals at Schwalb Builders are available to help you start designing and constructing the kitchen and bath you have always wanted.

Here is What Our Amazing Customers Have Said About Schwalb Builders, Miami, FL!

tim c.Schwalb builders did an excellent job on my south beach master bath

“I needed a bath remodeler before my daughter’s 5th birthday party. In addition to new flooring and a vanity, I needed storage solutions for my tiny guest bathroom. Schwalb Builders provided a fast, free estimate for a remodel on the bathroom. They suggested quality flooring from a local company, and the entire remodeling project was completed quickly.”

Andrea NI love my new fort Lauderdale kitchen flooring

“After working with Allied Kitchen and Kitchen Solvers in the past, I was ready to work with a professional company that understood all my needs. Schwalb Builders in Miami paid attention to every single detail, from the flooring to the backsplash and finish on the appliances. This is an amazing business that even came in under budget!”

Jacob WSchwalb builders is a great business that PAYS attention to every detail

“The bathroom flooring in my University Dr., Miami, the home was falling apart. I called Kitchen Solvers and Sanoma Kitchen, but they could not meet my needs and budget. Schwalb Builders has done business with my neighbors, so I gave them a call. They replaced my bathroom flooring and even discussed storage solutions for my kitchen.”

Tina TI love the bathroom in my Oakland park blvd house

“Finding an affordable, professional business to complete a bathroom in Miami can be tricky. Kitchen Solvers is a great business. However, they are also too expensive, even for Miami. I called Schwalb Builders, and they finished my new bathroom in a few weeks. My friends love the bathroom, and I could not be happier.”

Pat B.My new Miami kitchen and bathroom are beautiful

“I recently purchased a new house in Miami that needed a lot of love and care. Kitchen Solvers was my first phone call. However, they didn’t have the right materials and vision to help me transform my drab kitchen and bathrooms. Schwalb Builders was my next call, and I am very happy that I got a hold of them. The team was amazing, and they really understood what I wanted to create and did a wonderful job on the remodel.”