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Kitchen Countertops: One of Our Specialities

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Hi-end Countertops in Miami, FL

When undergoing a kitchen renovation, one very important element is choosing a kitchen counter that’s going to fit with the overall design of your renovated kitchen. That’s why we offer a wide array of kitchen countertops for you to choose from.

Our Kitchen Renovations

We have equipped our kitchen renovation services to provide you with the ability to design exactly what you want. Our qualified and experienced designers and contractors are going to complete an entire walkthrough of the area you would like renovated to get a ‘feel’ for the work that’s going to be put into the renovation.

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Kitchen Renovation Project in Miami, FL

During this walkthrough, you discuss the plans and designs you would like to do in the renovation. One of these designs is going to be the countertop for the kitchen.

We place a lot of emphasis on choosing the correct kitchen countertop, as this is one element that stands out in a kitchen. Due to this feature, you don’t want a kitchen countertop that’s going to stand out for the wrong reasons and look odd among the rest of your renovated kitchen’s design. Instead, you want a kitchen countertop that’s in line with the overall aesthetic of the kitchen and enhances this design.

What We Can Do For You

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It’s important to remember that this is your kitchen, and we are only here to help you create the image you have for this space. That’s why we only give suggestions, while our design team takes into account everything that you would like and puts the magic together to materialize your dream kitchen.

We are equipped to provide you with whatever aesthetic you would want to be incorporated into the design. If you have found your desired kitchen countertop in a magazine, cooking show, or anywhere else, we can search far and wide, through our local and international suppliers, to find one that fits what you’re looking for. This is if your desired kitchen countertop isn’t already in our wide collection of countertops.

Our One-Year Labor Warranty

At Schwalb Builders Miami, we only want to give our clients the best quality designs. Due to this, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our labor contracts. In addition to this, the utmost quality is provided in our services due to our team of highly experienced and qualified designers and remodeling contractors. With all of this, you can be assured that the services and work provided by our renovating services is one of the best in Miami.

Our Promise

We have been in the game of turning houses into homes for more than 15 years. With all the knowledge and expertise gathered throughout this time, you can be assured that we provide you with your dream kitchen. We settle for nothing less than perfection. That’s why our quality is so high.

We equip our services with teams that treat your home like it were theirs. For this reason, you can rest easy knowing that those working on your home are conducting the renovation with care and precision. We offer this to you because we aspire to give you exactly what you envisioned.