Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Miami, FL

kitchen cabinets in miami
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Or Kitchen cabinets are by far the essential thing you require for the room. They’re what holds all of your utensils, pots, pans, and cookware. Most people also use them to store food unless they’re lucky enough to have space for a separate pantry.

Have you taken a look at the cabinetry in your home recently? If you notice that it’s dull, has doors or hardware missing, or looks dirty and grimy, it’s time to get new ones. However, you may be wondering where to go or where to start.

While it can be a costly renovation, you may find that it’s not that bad when choosing the right company to handle everything. Schwalb Builders offers J&K Cabinetry and other top kitchen cabinets brands in Miami. We have a variety of options, some in stock and some you can order.

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Kitchen Cabinets Cost in Miami, FL

The top goal here is to find what you want from the best kitchen cabinet stores. Miami is full of them, but Schwalb Builders in Miami offers an excellent selection with various price points to meet any budget. At Schwalb Builders, we understand that you may not know where to begin or don’t want to do it all yourself.

When you work with us, everything is taken care of for you. We come to your home and take measurements while finding out what you truly want for your space. Then, we offer advice and tips on getting those things and saving money on your kitchen cabinets. Miami, FL, is full of fun and exciting places to dine, but sometimes, you want to stay at home and cook.

With us at your side, you’re sure to find the best cabinetry to fit your needs, styles, and budget!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Miami

kitchen cabintes remodel miami
Kitchen cabinets infographic

The primary trend right now for many homeowners is to get custom-made kitchen cabinets. Miami residents are sure to find that they can do so much and truly make them their own. Since cabinetry is the focal point of your kitchen, it needs to wow your guests and bring comfort and warmth to space.

Some people think they’re just boxes with doors, drawers, and shelves, but they’re part of the furniture and should be designed to last for a long time while representing your personality.

Custom cabinetry offers limitless design options. While a big box store might have cheaper stock options, they’re rarely a better value than those made to your specifications. Here are some of the reasons to consider customized kitchen cabinets:

Built to Last – Skilled cabinet makers create custom cabinetry by hand and not on the assembly line. Since these designers take more pride in their work, they choose quality materials to give you the best finished product. They’re built to last because they’re made with plywood, hidden under-mount drawer slides, wood glue for the corner braces, and strong joints.
Locally Sourced – Miami is full of places to get wood and other materials for cabinetry, and you can choose where the wood comes from for your cabinets. There are broader choices for the project, including imported hardwoods or local ones that can reduce the impact on our environment.
Personal Selection – Stock cabinetry often includes various combinations, but you are still quite limited by the materials available. Customized cabinets offer quality because you can choose the hardware, door styles, finish, wood, and more. They are made by hand to (handmade kitchen cabinets) your specifications.
Built to Fit – Many Miami homes have unusual layouts and floor plans. It’s probably one (or more) of the reasons you chose that space as your own. However, stock cabinets are designed primarily for regular sizes, so they will not fit and look good if there’s anything different. Custom cabinets are built to your specific size, making it easier to use every inch of space you have.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets Miami

kitchen cabinets renovation
Affordable kitchen cabinets Miami

It’s no wonder that you’re not sure what to choose and if you should go with custom-made kitchen cabinets. Miami residents often wonder if the expense is worth it. While we think that’s always the case, you may not have the budget to customize every aspect of your cabinetry.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still pick and choose. With semi-custom cabinets, you get prefabricated ones with the option for more detail. Though the basic sizes apply, you can choose to change specific dimensions, such as the door fronts or cabinet drawers. Plus, you can decrease/increase the cabinet’s depth.

There are advantages of choosing the semi-custom version. The highlight is that you feel individuality and can input your ideas into the design for most people. Though it’s a bit more limited, it still helps you connect with space and add personal touches here and there. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as fully custom cabinets.

Sometimes, you can customize the cabinets to meet functional and aesthetic requirements. On top of that, there are still differences in quality. For example, if you choose a lower-cost material, it might have a different appearance inside. Even though it’s not top quality, it’s often better than the stock options on the market.

We have found that many Miami homeowners wonder if semi-custom cabinets are right for them. Here’s when you should consider them:

  • You can reface the existing cabinets to look new.
  • You don’t want to change the layout of the kitchen.
  • You have a small budget for your remodeling project.
  • Most of your budget focuses on other aspects of the kitchen (such as new appliances, lighting, etc.)

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Miami

cheap kitchen cabinets miami
Best price kitchen cabinets in Miami

We realize that everyone can’t afford to custom-make their cabinets, and that’s okay. You can still enjoy beauty and style from your kitchen cabinets. “Miami cheap” doesn’t have to mean that they’re made of low-quality materials. As professionals, Schwalb Builders in Miami focuses on making sure that they are installed correctly and gives you peace of mind because we don’t judge.

It’s an expensive undertaking to put in new cabinets, and you don’t want to feel like you’re being snubbed! We don’t do that, and we focus on giving you the highest quality craft we can while ensuring that they don’t look like cheap kitchen cabinets. Miami, FL, residents often marvel at what we can do with stock items, particleboard, and MDF.

Often, we try to use plywood because it’s the cheapest material, and it can be durable and last a long time. To offset that, we try to use solid wood for the kitchen cabinets doors. Miami residents find that they’re sturdy enough to handle years of opening and banging shut, and they look great for a long time without costing too much.

However, that’s not the only way we help you take advantage of cheapness. People often get rid of their old cabinetry to install new ones, giving us their used kitchen cabinets. Miami residents on a tight budget can buy them inexpensively and have them installed in their homes if they have similar kitchens. We can also modify them slightly for less than you might think!

European Kitchen Cabinets Miami FL

european kitchen cabinets miami
European Kitchen Cabinets in Miami

Some, though, don’t want super cheap cabinetry and don’t want to customize every detail. If that’s you, it might be best to choose your favorite style and go from there. At Schwalb Builders in Miami, we offer various options in our showroom and online.

If you’re interested in something that’s more accessible and easy to obtain, then you want to consider European kitchen cabinets. Miami residents often like the European style because they are frameless, modular, and use hidden hinges to help maximize kitchen space. Many times, hidden hinges are called European-style hinges because most of these cabinet options use them.

The frameless aspect is something that many homeowners prefer. There’s no center stile or overlay around the edges. That way, the cabinets appear more open, and you can even go doorless if you want!

There are plenty of benefits of using European cabinetry, such as:

Durability – The entire cabinet uses solid plywood or particleboard, so it’s designed to last a long time.
Stylish – European kitchen cabinets are perfect for a modern kitchen because they use a seamless, flowing design and are aesthetically pleasing.
More Interior Space – These cabinets often have more strange space because the box is also the frame. There are fewer braces and reinforcements so that you can fit more items inside!
Accessibility – Often, the hardwood frames take up more space, which means you have to maneuver large items out between the wood in the middle. European designs don’t have that.

American Kitchen Cabinets Miami Florida

american kitchen cabinets miami
Amercian Kitchen Cabinets in Miami

Most Americans use an open floor plan, and foreign countries have taken notice. Whenever they use that idea, they call it an American style. Therefore, most American kitchen cabinets feature tons of storage, use up every inch of space, and may even be frameless.

However, the real reason that most people choose this style is because of the kitchen American cabinets materials. Miami residents want something sturdy and designed to last. Your cabinets completely transform the look and layout of the space and can increase your home’s value.

You want quality craft and materials, and that’s just what you get from Schwalb Builders in Miami. We understand your needs and focus on getting you what you want. Therefore, if you prefer an all-hardwood construction, that’s what you get. While you can customize the cabinets, you can also buy stock versions made with wood or plywood.

Most of the time, the drawers and doors are made of solid wood, and you can find many colors and options. From white oak to basswood, there are tons of styles out there. Plus, we can stain or paint them to your specifications, too.

Italian Kitchen Cabinets Miami

Italian Kitchen cabinets miai
Italian Kitchen Cabinets in Miami, FL

Many homeowners feel that they have to design the entire system themselves or go with discount kitchen cabinets. Miami FL residents have many more options available. When you choose Italian-made cabinets, you’re sure to get the quality and style you want.

Typically, these cabinets offer a contemporary style with clean lines and a variety of colors. While neutrals are the top choice, there are some bold shades here and there to mix things up and help it flow with the décor of your home.

On top of that, you have functionality like never before. These cabinets are made to give you easy access to your dishes, utensils, and appliances. Most of them have modern functions, such as closing with a gentle tap to the door.

Though it’s hard to figure out what you want, if you’re set on an Italian designer for your kitchen cabinetry, there are a few top brands out there. Schwalb Builders in Miami can help you locate and source them, so now you just have to learn about them!

Valcucine – Valcucine is in the northern part of Italy and was founded in 1980. It’s considered the pioneer for kitchen cabinets and offers the Artematica style. On top of that, it introduced the first fully recyclable kitchen cabinet, which is made of glass and aluminum.
Pedini – As a leader in curved kitchen designs, Pedini focuses on beauty and functionality. With that, minimalistic stylings make up most of its product line.
Snaidero – When describing the designs from Snaidero, revolutionary and evolutionary come to mind. The company, founded in 1946, has focused most of its work on evolving current cabinetry options to make them better, more ergonomic, and sleek.
Schiffini – Back in 1920, Schiffini focuses on Italian Navy fittings, but it started focusing on kitchen design in the 1950s. It’s known for creating a kitchen suspended from the ground and making full kitchens of wood. We like the modular style it now offers, which is entirely made of aluminum!

Chinese Kitchen Cabinets Miami

Chinese kitchen cabinets miami
Custom Chinese kitchen cabinets in Miami

If you’re like most people (like me…), the thought of buying from China makes your heart go aflutter. With quality in mind and lower production costs, it’s a good idea to consider Chinese kitchen cabinets. Miami, FL is full of cabinet makers, but there’s just something about importing cabinetry from another country.

Here are some of the benefits of importing your cabinetry from China:

Cheaper Prices – You can get high-quality cabinets at a reasonable price from China. An affordable Kitchen cabinet is excellent if you’re refitting an office or just want your home to have the best without spending too much.
Easy to Assemble – Many people assemble the cabinets themselves and hire us to install them. However, you can have the cabinets shipped directly to us, and we can take care of the rest.
Many Designs – If you’ve ever been to China or read about it, you know the culture is full of color and excitement. That flows into the designs you find on the products, such as cabinetry. You often get a mixture of modern techniques and Asian artistry to get great value.
Extraordinary Engineering Processes – With all the advancements in technology, China focuses on using modern and innovative procedures. You can see that shine in how the manufacturers engineer the cabinets, making them high quality and cost-effective.
Same Styles – Homeowners can find many of the same styles in China-made cabinets as they can in the US. Options like Shaker, Louvered, Slab, Flat-panel, and Inset are still available, and we can help you find the right ones for your needs.
Quality Materials – China uses many of the same materials as US manufacturers. Therefore, you can find laminate, wood, plywood, particleboard, and more.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Miami – What Are They?

Modern designs mean various things, depending on whom you ask. In general, though, it indicates that it’s more contemporary than traditional, which ensures that modern kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for your home.

Modern design started during World War I and offered minimal ornamentation, flat surfaces, and geometric forms. Today, they’re characterized by an angular, sleek design with simplicity for the frames and doors. With that, new trends focus on bolder curves and angles.

Many times, materials used for modern cabinets include glass, concrete, plastic, and metal. Most homeowners prefer frosted or semi-opaque glass. You might be able to create such a modern look by just replacing the doors with frosted glass as a cost-effective solution.

Wood (bright or dark) is still very much a part of modern design, but wood veneer with exaggerated horizontal grains is the top choice to achieve a modernistic appearance. Mixed materials are also an added touch.

Typically, people find that traditional cabinets are made with only one type of wood, but modern styles combine materials like metal, glass, wood, and laminates. On top of that, you may find contemporary styles with discount kitchen cabinets. Miami FL cabinetry manufacturers can save money by using low-cost materials and still have a beautiful result. If your goal is to save money, modernistic or minimalistic styles are the right option for you.

However, colors are also used extensively in modern designs. Natural colors (wood veneer) are trendy, but so are bolder and less traditional shades. For example, greens, oranges, yellows, blues, and reds are seen in modern kitchen designs.

Regardless of the materials and colors used, the most crucial factor is the form and shape. There are often slab doors with few details. You’re not going to see decorative carvings, raised panels, or crown molding so that the flat, sleek surface is emphasized more.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Miami – Why Pick Them

Modern kitchen cabinets in miami
Moden kitchen cabinets

If you (or your spouse and loving ones) want to go modern with your kitchen and cabinetry, Schwalb Builders in Miami can help. We understand how the style flows and can ensure that your home has sleek lines and minimalistic appearances concerning the kitchen.

Generally, modern kitchen cabinets have specific benefits, such as:

More Storage – While the open design is excellent and fun to repurpose your wood to create a floating shelf, it’s not feasible for most homeowners. In a house with cooks, pets, and kids, you need more. Modern kitchen cabinetry offers plenty of storage and space and often include modern functionality, tool.
Let Other Things Shine – Though some homeowners want the focal point to be the cabinets, others prefer to highlight a work of art or fun shutters and drapes. If you wish to use those things in the home to add to the décor, it’s essential to have streamlined cabinets without fuss and extravagance. That way, you can save a bit of money and splurge on other decorations for space.
Help with Low Lighting – Most kitchens don’t have enough natural light, and it’s costly to add task lights and other options. However, when you choose a modern design with a reflective surface, you have your solution! They can bounce the light around in the space instead of just absorbing it. To boost the appearance, choose a matching, light-colored surface to help the room expand and blend with the ceiling.

Discount Kitchen Cabinets Miami

Sometimes, your budget is so tight that you don’t think you can do much, but don’t forget about discount kitchen cabinets. Miami residents may not realize that they can find inexpensive and quality cabinetry that meets most or all of their needs.

When the price is your priority, you can’t beat wholesale kitchen cabinets. Miami residents might not initially think about them, but you’re going to find that they’re cheaper and just as sturdy. Typically, it includes a cheap base (the box) made of particleboard or MDF. It’s just as good, and many people don’t understand that they don’t need solid wood construction for the base.

From there, you can choose a solid wood door and have a range of colors. We don’t usually allow much customization for discount cabinets, but there are ways to modify them for a small fee. Depending on your budget, this could be the best choice.

The good news is you can shop online on our website. That ensures that you know what you want and can tell us. From there, we can find what you require and help you install it professionally.

There’s no need to search online for coupon codes or try to work with the manufacturer directly. We’re available and offer various discounts, and some of the products are priced to go already. If you’re working with a specific budget, consider letting us know about it upfront. That way, we only show you cabinetry options that you can afford. Those who have already purchased RTA (assembled at home) varieties can call us for assistance. That way, they’ve put together professionally, and we can install them, too!

Typically, the materials include MDF or particleboard. From there, you can paint them or stain them, which rarely costs that much. However, some cabinets are already assembled and colored. They are often cheaper because you just pay for them and have them installed.

Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

It’s often best to choose a local company for your kitchen cabinets. While you can shop online, you can also visit the showroom. On top of that, it’s often easier to contact the company and get information or ask questions about your kitchen cabinets. Wholesale Miami cabinet shops are always available to help you. If you’re unsure (as most of our clients) of what you need or have concerns, call on us for assistance!

Sometimes, you may not need to install new cabinetry and prefer kitchen cabinets refacing. Miami residents can save much money by upgrading the drawers and doors of their cabinets without changing the inner workings (frame, hinges, slides, base). These things are often in good condition while the outside is dirty, scratched, dented, or broken. Cabinet refacing is a great alternative and can save you money!

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

storage kitchen cabinets
Kitchen storage cabinets in Miami

Typically, you want to have ample storage space with your kitchen cabinets. Miami, Florida, residents often have tons of utensils, cookware, bakeware, and dishes to house. You don’t want them to sit out and collect dust or risk damage, so you need to store them in the cabinets.

While you have to focus on organizing the cabinets to maximize space, you can install many cabinets in the area to have more storage. Storage cabinets mean having cabinets above the counter and underneath. Some people find that they have 20+ cabinets and still not enough room. It might be time to focus on reorganizing your possessions, but you may also choose the change the depth of the cabinetry with custom cabinets.

This isn’t always possible, but give us a call today. We can answer your questions and come out for an evaluation of your space. That way, you know if you can do it and go about getting started with the project.

White Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what you want for your space, you know that it’s important to have Miami kitchen cabinets. Wholesale retailers like us can help you find the right color, and white is a popular choice. There are a few benefits and drawbacks, so it’s good to know what they are to decide if white is the way to go for your kitchen:


  • Classic, crisp, clean style
  • Can boost home’s value
  • Reflect light to make space look bigger
  • Can be dressed up
  • It goes well with contemporary and modern styles


  • It doesn’t work well with traditional style homes
  • It gets dirty very quickly
  • Must be cleaned with an appropriate solution (suitable for paint and wood)
  • Space can feel clinical or cold
  • Shows wear and tear sooner than wood or other colors

While it’s true that white is hard to keep clean, most homeowners don’t mind. They wipe down their cabinets periodically, so it shouldn’t be an issue. On top of that, white shows the dirt sooner, so you can quickly wipe away any mess you see, such as dribbles from cooking or grimy fingerprints.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue might not be the first choice you make for your kitchen cabinets, but there are many reasons to rethink that for the top kitchen cabinets. Miami is a place of fun, excitement, and blue, sunny skies. What’s better than bringing some of the outdoors inside? While you can do that with plants and greenery, you can also use paint to create those aspects.

In color psychology, blue is linked to staying calm and relaxed. When you look at it, even if you just glance, you’re inspired with quietness, reflectiveness, peace, and serenity. For most Miami homeowners, the kitchen is the most visited space in the house. Therefore, it makes sense to add blue to this area so that you can relax during family meals and have meaningful conversations.

Though most people go with a light blue, navy is also a popular trend right now. It’s convenient, lasts for years, and goes well with other trendy options. Plus, the darkness of the color means that it doesn’t show dirt as quickly!

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners don’t think about gray kitchen cabinets in Miami, Florida, but they can be a great addition to space. Consider a light-gray option for a small kitchen to help make it seem significant. You can also go with a darker shade to create a luxurious feeling.

For those who want something edgy or want to make a statement, dark gray cabinets are the way to go. It offers a sense of class but is also bold enough to be an excellent focal point in the room.

We like that they show fewer scratches and food spills, too. That way, they’re going to look great, even if you can’t wipe them down immediately. Plus, you may find that you replace dark gray cabinets less frequently because you can’t easily see the scratches or dents.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets
Black kitchen cabinets in Miami

Most people (traditional kitchen cabinets enthusiasts) are surprised when they see our array of black kitchen cabinets. Miami area residents often feel that it’s too dark and can soak up more heat from the space. However, they do provide a luxury feel that you can’t get with any other color.

Typically, they work well for dark kitchens, suitable if you plan to have a sophisticated and dramatic space. Though most people think about intimacy and brightness, a dark kitchen can also be cozy and exciting and are often less sterile than white ones.

With black, you’re not going to see smudges and grease as quickly. Black is perfect for homeowners who want to have the cabinets looking their best without spending all their time cleaning.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

It’s often challenging to find the perfect shade to match your décor. If your focus is on nature, you may want to consider going with the color green. While some people feel that it’s a bit much, it can brighten up space and provides a youthful feeling.

You (and your spouse) can choose the cabinetry wisely and go with used kitchen cabinets. Miami, FL, homeowners are sure to appreciate the lower cost, but you can then paint them any color you wish. Green is a smart option for more than the exterior or inner walls of your home. It’s a fresh color that can work for the trim, cabinets, and so much more!

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re like most people, you like the idea of two-tone kitchen cabinets. Miami design district companies often use this style for high-end houses and apartments, and there’s no reason that you can’t do that for your home.

They can make your plain kitchen feel and look elegant. Plus, they add more visual interest with a relaxing look.

Generally, you have a single color for the door or drawer of the cabinet and then choose another shade for the hardware. However, you can also find wood or wood-like materials with two different colors to complete the look.

Craigslist Miami kitchen cabinets are the perfect start for this project. If you find cabinets online, you can buy them and have them changed to meet your specifications. Then, when you’re ready, you can work with Schwalb Builders in Miami to have them professionally installed.

Find the Best Kitchen Cabinets

We’re sure that you have many thoughts and ideas running through your head right now. Most Miami homeowners find that they spend so much time in the kitchen, so it’s a good idea to upgrade the space. A cost-effective way to do that is through kitchen cabinets, whether you find a cheap deal and modify them or reface them.

Regardless, we’re here to help you each step of the way. When you call us, a technician comes to your home to assess it and your needs. They take measurements and order what you want or find something in stock. From there, everything is professionally installed to your specifications. The cabinets are going to hold your items for many years to come.

Call today to get your free quote!


When people call us, we often get the same questions. Therefore, we wanted to make your life a little easier by including this FAQ section. You can find out important information, which can help you choose the suitable cabinets and setup for your home. If we don’t answer your question in this article, please call to ask! We’re always ready to assist you!

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets are a focal point of most kitchens, so people are sure to notice if they get dirty. Everyday water marks, food spatters, and fingerprints are the top culprits, but you may find tough stains build up with time.

Fortunately, there are some great tricks to clean your kitchen cabinets and get of those problems.

Weekly cleanings are all that you should need so that you’re not frequently wiping them down. Use the spot treatment method and spray an oil soap onto a microfiber cloth to wipe away marks, spatters, and fingerprints. Don’t forget about the kitchen cabinets hardware. Miami residents know how often they touch those parts, and you want to disinfect them to keep your family healthy!

It’s crucial to ensure that you don’t remove the varnish on your wood kitchen cabinets. Miami is full of dirt and grime, and you want to provide a deep clean. Therefore, we recommend oil soap. It’s a non-abrasive solution and doesn’t cause damage.

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets?

Everyone wants to upgrade their used kitchen cabinets in Miami because they have no space for anything. However, before you go out to buy new cabinetry, consider organizing what you have. Here are some tips for doing this effectively:

Declutter – Go through every cabinet in the kitchen and get rid of things you don’t need. Declutter can include pots/pans with no lids or damage, oddball silverware, and more.
Categorize the Items – Grab a few small boxes and group the items together—separate food from dinnerware and cookware. Then, subdivide edibles into ingredients, canned goods, snacks, etc. You can subdivide cookware into cooking utensils, pots/pans, plates/bowls, mugs/glasses, etc.
Assign Items to Cabinets – Understand how you use the kitchen. The things you use all the time should be close to the prep areas (sink and stove). Then, sort through each subdivision you made to have what you frequently use in front.

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Kitchen cabinet prices can vary widely based on what you want. Typically, you can spend about $100 to $1000 for inexpensive kitchen cabinets. Miami homeowners can also go wild with customizations to pay over $25,000.

Some homeowners want to go a step further and put in new kitchen cabinets and countertops. Miami households should focus on what materials they want for both. Generally, granite and marble countertops cost a lot more, so you may want to spend less on the cabinetry. On average, they are replacing both costs anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 with little or no customization.

How Deep Are Kitchen Cabinets?

The standard size for upper cabinets is 12 inches, while lower cabinets are 24 inches deep when you go with cheap kitchen cabinets. Miami, Florida, homeowners who don’t require customization often find that this is the best choice.

However, you can change the depth to 6 inches or up to 24 inches if you choose custom kitchen cabinets. Miami FL residents often prefer being able to do that. Schwalb Builders in Miami can help you choose the right size and depth. Call today for a free estimate!

Featured image by Mark McCammon from Pexels

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