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kitchen cabinetsCabinetry companies in South Florida are in competition with everything social media and content creators have begun reporting on. With the content endlessly reeling out every minute of every day, the changes that have taken place over the years with socials have inevitably changed how people view cabinet doors, granite countertops, and interior design.

With the need for instant gratification and the ability to attain that when it comes to our devices, it is easy for those who want to translate it to any life project.

Kitchen cabinets are no exception to this; however, it is paramount to note that the best things do not happen overnight. The good things take time, and Schwalb Builders is built on the foundation of hard work, dedication, and a passion for renovation.

white kitchen in miami
White & Wood Kitchen Remodel

modern kitchen cabinetsKitchen Remodeling & Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are meant for storage, functionality, and design. One of the first things altered in a kitchen remodeling project is the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can genuinely make or break the room. Kitchen remodeling is no easy feat, and our company takes cabinets seriously – we know South Florida does too.

When creating a new kitchen, it is important to consult the kitchen experts at Schwalb Builders. Our experienced team of professionals gets down to the nitty-gritty details and will guide you through the process of renovations – from the flooring, paint materials budget, furniture, cabinets, etc.

kitchen remodeling project miami beach
Two Tone Kitchen Remodel

custom kitchen cabinetry miami flCreating Custom Cabinetry for South Florida

The style of cabinets can be determined by something you’ve seen at the store or online – it is entirely up to the client’s request and what they picture in their house. Schwalb Builders Miami can create custom cabinets for your dream kitchen!

kitchen cabinet door optionsCabinet doors and options

Schwalb has a wide assortment of real wood cabinets with solid wood fronts and other eco-friendly and functional design elements. We can provide top-quality cabinets to fit any budget:

  • Single Kitchen Cabinet
  • Kitchen Base Cabinets
  • Tall Kitchen Cabinets
  • Custom Cabinetry
luxury kitchen remodeling
Luxury Kitchen Cabinets & Remodeling

custom kitchen cabinetsBathroom Cabinets in Miami, FL

We aren’t exclusive to kitchen cabinetry – Schwalb Builders Miami also renovates bathrooms, which means bathroom cabinets! We realize not everyone gets as excited about cabinets as we do, but the end result of a space, once renovations are complete, is truly magical.

We can shop, install and style every detail for you. We are in the market of making out clients’ lives easier, and providing bathroom cabinetsvanities, and countertops (granite or otherwise), and bath or shower renovations are just a piece of that puzzle!

kitchen remodeling project miami flA Kitchen Remodeling Project

Schwalb Builders Miami is hands-on in designing and renovating your dream kitchen. We understand the process of developing a new kitchen comes down to the details and cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, and countertops.

We work alongside our clients to ensure the space adds value to your home and brings joy to your life!

affordable kitchen cabinets miami flAffordable prices and budgeting properly throughout the process are crucial in creating a successful space. We will ensure you get the best price possible without sacrificing the quality of material and craftsmanship.

Our clients act as the head of design, and we are the body of work. We encourage you to draw inspiration from wherever you want; our team of professionals will work with suppliers to guarantee the space of your dreams!

kitchen of your dreams
Remodeling Of Your Dreams

solid kitchen cabinets miamiStart with Solid Wood Cabinets

Solid wood cabinets and solid wood fronts are simply cabinet types we suggest as they are sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. We offer real wood cabinets alongside other mediums. Starting with your cabinets and making decisions accordingly knocks off a big piece of the to-do list.

real wood kitchen cabinetsReal wood versus particle board

Some cabinet companies work with less-than-desirable materials. Particle board is one of those things you do not want as a part of your kitchen cabinets.

Particle board is unreliable and cheap material you can often find bookshelves and dressers made of at fast furniture retailers. This is not material that is a part of our vocabulary at Schwalb Builders Miami.

ultra modern kitchen design
Modern Kitchen Design in Miami, FL

modern kitchens iconThe Modern Kitchen in Miami, FL

Schwalb does modern kitchen cabinets right! A modern kitchen in Miami, FL, can have a few different aesthetics. Working with a company like Schwalb, we know the Florida market and understand how to provide superior remodeling service.

Our builders and designers are available to provide their professional opinion while assisting in the total demo, install, and renovation procedure.

Designing a contemporary kitchen and bringing contemporary design elements to a room generates space for additional creativity and opens doors for new experiences.

fully kitchen customization miamiComplete customization

Whether you are dead set on a specific aesthetic or want to pick and choose elements from different styles of design, Schwalb Builders can completely customize your kitchen or any room according to your taste.

complete kitchen customization
Fully-Customized Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

top quality kitchen cabinets in miami flQuality Warranty For Quality Cabinets

Schwalb Builders Miami aims to supply our customers with the highest quality of services. That’s why we only use the best quality designs when renovating your kitchen. In addition, we also provide a one-year warranty on every single one of our labor contracts.

Moreover, our remodeling contractors and renovation designers are fully licensed and have impeccable experience in conducting renovations.

kitchen cabinets warranty
Get Your Kitchen Cabinet Warranty Today!

reasonable price remodeling iconQuality Work for a Reasonable Price

The remodeling process can become costly quickly. Schwalb Builders Florida works with the client to ensure budgeting is handled from the beginning and a great price is guaranteed! (The other details can be addressed later.)

It is necessary to shop around when looking for a builder to work with on your remodeling projects, but we can assure you that your remodel is as affordable as you wish to make it. You control the contractors, designers, and all services provided.

quality remodeling miami
Quality Remodeling Company in Miami, FL

average kitchen remodel costAverage prices of a kitchen remodel

The average price of a kitchen remodeling project in Miami is $25,000 – $157,000. The range in price varies greatly because it depends on the size of your kitchen, the materials used, the countertop you choose, and the details included in the renovation.

miami's top cabinets
Kitchen top Cabinets

top kitchen cabinet pros in miamiTop Kitchen Cabinets in Miami, FL

We have renovated houses in Miami and South Florida for nearly two decades. Our serious attention to detail sets us apart from others, which allows our customers to sleep peacefully, knowing their home is in the best hands.

From the initial point of contact, we want the homeowner to feel autonomous and an integral part of our team. We don’t believe the choices of their cabinet options should limit people.

Miami is a melting pot of different cultures, and too should the kitchens of Miami represent the diverse community!

top kitchen remodelers
Miami’s Best Remodeling Team

best kitchen cabinet contractorsThe Best Kitchen Cabinets

Our entire business has been built on the foundation of teamwork. This foundation also incorporates an exceptionally high level of craftsmanship and commitment to creativity.

Our service is equipped with an incredibly talented team that treats each project as if it were their home. We only supply the best cabinets for the best price available – to the best people in the world, our neighbors here in Miami!

top quality kitchen cabinets
High Quality Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet contractor near meWhat to expect with your kitchen remodel

For this reason, you are offered high-quality service, consideration for your entire home, convenience for those living in it, and the renovated kitchen of your wildest dreams.

It’s no secret that kitchen cabinets play a large role in fulfilling the design of a kitchen, but it’s also the overall quality design that we adhere to so that you get exactly what you want.

kitchen backsplash and faucets
Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Near You

kitchen cabinet installation processThe Installation Process

The cabinet installation process is seamless and stress-free. Your kitchen cabinets should represent who you are as a person while also providing personality to the home.

We provide customers with the ability to see things before the installation process begins. Utilizing our 3D modeling tool gives you insight into designing your space before any changes occur.

Hi Quality Cabinets and drawers
Hi-Quality Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet professionalsOur Experienced Team of Professionals

Our experienced team is more like a family of sorts. We work hand-in-hand on every project, and the vision of creating contemporary spaces has become a reality. Schwalb Builders wants to make that a reality for you as well!

Our interior designers, contractors, and builders have extensive knowledge of creating a kitchen that adds value to the home and boosts excitement for the homeowner.

family owner business in miamiA family business built on family values

It is our job to make the kitchen remodeling experience one to remember and a stress-free process. Schwalb is a family, and our renovations are a labor of love. From our family to yours – we construct kitchens that bring people together.

real wood kitchen
Real Wood Kitchen Cabinets in Miami, FL

functional windows and spacesFunctional Spaces

Kitchen cabinets are meant to be functional, which is vital with our busy lives and hectic schedules. Your cabinets and the outline of the space serve as a template for the events, parties, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that will take place there.

A cabinet serves as the space that contains all the necessities for those experiences. You reach in and pull out what you need or put away what you don’t. A cabinet should function as needed while adding spice to the space.

Creating your space

Creating your dream kitchen is a project that should be exciting. Making new things or upgrading something old into something new takes work but is a mentally stimulating task.

Schwalb Builders is here to provide support and do the heavy lifting. We team up with our customers to make their vision come to life!

kitchen remodeling style
2023 Kitchen Remodeling Style
kitchen renovation brand
Top Quality & Service – This is our Motto

kitchen builders in miami flBegin Your Kitchen Remodel and Custom Cabinets

Schwalb Builders Miami wants to break the mold of building and renovation projects. Our success has supplied continued experience and countless growth opportunities. As our company evolves, so do the kitchen cabinets we install.

Contact us to start your renovations at (786) 422-1141, or utilize our quick contact tool to inquire about your kitchen cabinets! Let s be the cabinet for your stress; close the door on your worries and open the door to your new kitchen!