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Bathtub Remodel Miami, FL

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bathtub remodel miami flNothing says Miami like a bathroom remodeling project! The homes in Miami, FL, are decadent, lavish, and one-of-a-kind. Some sit on the shore, and some are further from the ocean, but soaking in the tub is a great way to end a long day.

Schwalb Builders has been servicing the Miami Metropolitan Area, and its colorful community with an assortment of bathroom remodel services. We offer a complete design and remodeling process alongside our contractor expertise.

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Start Your Bathroom Renovation Process Today!

We spend a whole lot of time in our bathroom, preparing for a night out, getting ready for work in the morning, or relaxing after a stressful night – when you do not have the space or your bathroom utilities are not up to par, it can be challenging to use the space as it intends.

If you are considering upgrading or completing a bathroom renovation – locating the right company to work with is your next step to a successful bathroom remodel.

Simple Bathtub renovation
Simple Bathtub Design

bathroom remodeling contractorSouth Florida Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

When completing a bathroom remodel, you must decide to update, upgrade, or replace your bathtub and shower unit. Schwalb Builders Miami has an assortment of tubs and showers when you choose to complete those renovations with our team.

years of remodeling experienceOur combined years of experience and the contractors we work with have developed a great working relationship and provided our clients with gorgeous bathrooms in Miami, FL. The tub and shower can define the feeling of the entire bathroom. The right one can make you the envy of any visitors!

The perfect shower exists for everyone. Schwalb can make that happen as we offer a wide selection of showers, bathtubs, and shower enclosures! We also provide plumbing, sinks, toilet options, etc. The Schwalb FL team is ideal for any kind of remodeling projects!

Our business has been servicing Miami and surrounding areas for nearly two decades, and we will continue to remodel, upgrade, install and repair – anything our clients desire!

modern bathroom remodel
Affordable Remodeling Company in Miami, FL

free remodeling estimatesFree Estimates on Your Bathroom Renovation Miami, FL

A bathroom remodeling project starts with a general contractor or a building company. Schwalb Builders Miami offers extensive experience, professional work, and budget-friendly renovations! We will never sacrifice quality to cut corners.

We pride ourselves on our excellent work and guarantee a free quote for all our clients. The estimate is a chance for customers to plan their projects, sort out the details and outline all services required.

bathroom remodel budgetCreating a budget for your Miami bathroom remodeling service

The quote also allows customers to budget accordingly. Residential remodeling services are a huge undertaking and can also become costly.

Quotes allow the client to manage their expenses and better understand what will work best for their finances while also seeing how the renovation will add value to the home.

bathroom renovation elevation miamiEvaluating what kind of projects you want to undertake when updating a residential bathroom or choosing to repair some things and completing total construction on others – will assist in a blueprint of the remodeling budget.

Every bathroom remodel service is different; consider what you would like to redo…

  • Bath or Shower Remodel or Repair
  • Flooring
  • Toilet Replacements
  • Sinks
  • Plumbing Repair or Replacement
  • Vanity and Cabinets
  • Painting and Fixtures
bathroom remodeling on a budget
Flexible Remodeling Options
Shower renovation miami
Bathroom & Shower Renovation in Miami

miami remodeling contractors Hiring Miami Remodeling Contractors

A bathroom remodel can be stressful, but hiring your contractor shouldn’t be! Alongside the working quote provided, we include the following:

  • Design Consultation, we can do this in-home or in our showroom, where we will collect measurements of your space and provide remodeling solutions.
  • Design Services, our design consultation includes interior design services to help create a unique bathroom.
  • Removal Services, our team preps your bathroom and will demo or remove old bathroom items and complete any repairs necessary.
  • Installation Services, we will fully install any tub or shower you choose – lighting, fixtures, and hardware included!

painting and plumbing services miamiPainting, Plumbing, and Construction

There are so many layers to a space. Paint and plumbing are a part of a bathroom, and Schwalb Builders does it all!

We can assist with the wall paint and any plumbing work or construction required for your bathroom remodel service.

start remodeling processThe Bathroom Remodeling Process in Miami, FL

Miami, FL, is bright and vibrant – there is always something going on, something to do, and new people to meet. Schwalb Builders Miami is in the business of making your bathroom just as vibrant as you!

Your bathroom remodeling service is centered around the tub and shower, but there are many things you can change or upgrade to make the place shine bright, like Miami.

Ultra Modern Bathroom Remodel Project In Miami, FL

new tile installation miamiMiami Tile Upgrades

Tile can be used for both flooring and backsplash – it adds a sense of style and personality to either, and in Miami, there are specific bathroom tiles that are popular – tile itself is popular on flooring as we are close to the ocean. It is both durable and easy to clean.

  • Porcelain tiles
  • Textured tiles
  • Art Deco tile or Patterned tile

design vanities and countertopsVanities & Countertops

Vanities, sinks, and countertops are three primary pieces of any bathroom. The vanity can be used as a statement piece, just like the countertops. Many homeowners we have worked with enjoy focusing on the design elements for a bathroom remodel in Miami, FL.

Remodeling is a fun and exciting experience, and we aim to provide a service that makes it easy for the clients to enjoy themselves!

bathroom wooden vanities
Wooden Bathroom Vanity Design

custom bathroom cabinetsBathroom Cabinets for Your Dream Home

Bathroom cabinets may be one of the first things you look at when assessing a bathroom aside from the tub and toilet. The cabinets are used for storage and decoration and as a foundation for the sink and vanity.

The family at Schwalb provides top-tier contractors and construction for your remodeling services.

Schwalb Builders Miami builds and installs premium (or custom) cabinetry. If you want a full remodel, we can take everything to the studs and give the room a makeover!

renovation miami
Modern Bathroom Renovation in Miami

bathtub and shower iconBathtubs

Deciding the type of bath features that are right for your bathroom remodel is the first step in making a change. Our company can assist with that decision by providing our expert opinion on your remodel and what suits your plumbing or bathroom best.

Aside from choosing the contractor for your project, the expertise of our team will turn your house and bathroom -into something you have merely dreamed of!

plumbing services miami, flThere are other factors to consider: cabinets, flooring, toilets, plumbing, fixtures, and style (of course), but our business can provide quality services and construction for all of these elements in your home or apartment.

We are in the business of genuinely changing lives and taking on projects that require knowledge, skill, and attention to detail.

Our company provides our customers with toilet, sink, bath, vanity, and shower options. For any projects we undertake, we want to ensure our contractors offer nothing less than the very best remodeling options in Miami, FL!

bathtub vs hot-tub
It’s Jacuzzi Time!

drop in tubs installationDrop-In Tubs

A bathroom remodel guarantees lots of options for a new bath. Contractors drop in these kinds of tubs, and the construction is minimal. Very little of the tub is seen as the surrounding area takes center stage.

They are incredibly sturdy and one of the most popular tubs for a family bathroom remodel. They come with a built-in showerhead – allowing everyone to indulge in a bath or take a quick shower!

Clawfoot Tubs installationClawfoot Tubs

The clawfoot bath is a classic and timeless option that is immediately recognizable. The tub sits up off of the flooring on four feet.

A clawfoot bath is most prevalent in older homes to compliment the already existing style and feel of the home.

We offer these classics in porcelain, copper, or cast iron!

Whirlpool Tubs installation miamiWhirlpool Tubs

The whirlpool will take you on a ride and is a popular option in FL, especially in vacation homes or rentals. The bath is fitted with water jets creating a constant flow of motion.

They can help to improve circulation, alleviate muscle aches, reduce anxiety and relieve stress! They are ideal for anyone seeking a bath for relaxation and are a great choice for any bathroom remodel!

soaker tub instllationSoaker Tubs

Soaker tubs are a world of their own. The bath itself is a deep basin than other options we offer. Our soaker tubs are designed to work in smaller spaces and even allow bathing in an upright position if required.

You can handle your business and relax at the same time! This feature is terrific for people who do not have the mobility to lower themselves into a traditional tub.

They are offered in a stunning array of colors and materials to match your sinks or to provide some contrast in your bathroom plumbing.

shower installation in miami flShower Enclosures in Miami, FL

Corner shower units are trendy in many newer bathrooms since they take up so little space yet still get the job done. Some of these tiny corner showers can begin to feel luxurious with the addition of proper lighting, materials, and showerhead.

If your space is big enough, there is also the option for one of our large, modern walk-in showers that offer a great deal more space than our corner units.

Many people have great ideas for their dream bathrooms – elaborate and ornate fixtures, unique sinks, and extensive plumbing.

We at Schwalb Builders Miami are in the business of helping you make those dreams a reality and have been doing so for many years.

We have taken on many projects that were entirely customized to the homeowner’s experience, which is what we aim to provide for every client.

We can help you pick the right equipment and plumbing for your space, assist in helping locate the colors and materials and professionally install it all to create a space you truly enjoy!

luxury bathroom
Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Project
cozy bathtub miami
Cozy & Private Bathtub in Miami

tub to shower conversionTub to Shower Conversion

Schwalb can provide a tub-to-shower conversion service overnight! Every conversion is different, and the total cost depends on the size, fixtures, complexity of plumbing, and installation process. Your tub can be converted into:

  • Walk-in Shower
  • Shower stall
  • Tiled Shower
  • Doorless Options
  • Smart or On-Demand Options
  • Custom Options

waterproof wall installationShower Walls

You can also repair any plumbing necessary and upgrade the shower instead of entirely gutting and replacing it.

Upgrading your walls can be as complicated as dropping the ceiling, eradicating the walls, or simply replacing the tile.

By making these kinds of simple changes, you are adding value to the home and making a space you can relish.

bathtub remodel miami flSchwalb Builders – The Best Bathroom Remodeling in Miami, FL

Schwalb Builders Miami is a business you can trust your bathroom with. We provide superior service for our clients in Florida and pride ourselves on quality work. Our expertise has grown over the years, and working as a team has served us well professionally.

We understand plumbing issues, working on a tight budget, and any renovation can be stressful. Schwalb is a team with extensive experience, and we are more than qualified to get the job done.

We aim to provide the best remodeling service in Florida and promise to supply complete customer satisfaction!

Check out our 3D remodeling tool to play around with ideas, or take a look at our gallery portfolio of bathrooms we have completed a renovation for to get an idea of what you like!

remodeling service areaAreas of Florida We Service

Schwalb Builders can assist in remodeling anywhere in the home or apartments, whether you are located in Coral Gables or the heart of Miami, FL.

Our bathroom remodelers work in: South Florida, Miami, North Bay Village, Miami Springs, Sunny Isles Beach, Oakland Park Blvd, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Florida City, Sweetwater, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Biscayne Park, Miami Dade, Hollywood, Hialeah, and surrounding areas.

If you do not see your city listed here – please reach out to us, as we can travel and provide a free estimate for your Miami bathroom remodeling service!

Our Bathroom Remodels and Client Reviews

Veronica L.A Full remodel in Coral Gables

“The bathroom at my father’s house was built almost 32 years ago, and I thought of getting it remodeled or repaired, whichever was good. My neighbor suggested Schwalb Builders Kitchen and Bath Showroom Contractor for the work.

I am now very delighted with the work they have done. Each staff member out there is highly professional and polite too.

Each of them did their job efficiently without letting my aged parents face any problems. Their customer service is excellent as well. My heartfelt thanks to Schwalb Builders Kitchen and Bath Showroom.” – Veronica L.

Ester E.Happiness in Fort Lauderdale

“The crew was efficient and professional. Thanks to them, the outcome is a beautiful new master bathroom. There were minimal surprises, but they ensured I was aware of every change. Ultimately, they delivered exactly what I wanted.” – Ester E.

Lele P.Best bathroom remodelers in Miami, FL

“Three of my bathrooms, including one that needed to be entirely gutted, were completely renovated by the Schwalb Builders Kitchen and Bath Showroom.

They produced exquisite work. Even the designers of the frameless glass shower doors I hired remarked on the tile’s stunning appearance.

They were courteous of my home and always on time. So that I was never bothered by the work being done, they cleaned up every day. I recommend Schwalb Builders Kitchen and Bath Showroom for any bathroom remodeling.” – Lele P.

Rodolfo G.Dream bathroom in South Florida

“I purchased my first home last summer and was waiting to start repairs and remodels since I was new to the area and didn’t know anyone reliable. I wish I had contacted them sooner.

They fixed the existing plumbing, remodeled my kitchen, and renovated my bathrooms at a great price.

I was always hesitant about hiring someone thinking it would take forever to get my home done. They did a great job, the staff and management were accommodating and honest, and they finished the job quicker than I expected. I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family.”

– Rodolfo G.

Julia PStress-free renovations in Miami Dade

“My hall bathroom recently underwent a renovation, and it looks incredible today! Working with Schwalb Builders is a delight! Everyone I came into contact with was courteous and knowledgeable.

Excellent encounter from beginning to end. The tiling work by their crew was superb. I’ll give them another call when I have a project.” – Julia P