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wood bathroom cabinet miami
Wood bathroom cabinets in Miami, FL

When considering adding a new vanity to your bathroom, it is important to consider style, size, and how it is going to match the other elements of the room.

It is also important to factor in cost, how durable to materials are going to be, and how easy the materials are going to be to clean.

At Schwalb Builders Miami, we can help you pick the best vanity and countertop combination for your bathroom as well as professionally install it.

There are two elements to consider when choosing a new vanity: the countertop material and the style elements of the vanity itself.

Bathroom Countertops

bathroom countertop miami
Marble countertop for bathrooms in Miami

There are many options to choose from for your countertop materials.

Laminate is extremely popular since it comes in a variety of patterns and colors; it is easy to care for and easy to clean, and it is extremely affordable.

Stone countertops, like those made of marble or granite, are slightly more expensive options, but they add an element of luxury to any room they appear in. Stone countertops are more resistant than laminate to heat and scratching but needs to be sealed properly in order to prevent staining.

A middle of the road material for countertops is a solid surface material like Corian. Corian is a middle of the road option between stone and laminate. It is made of a mix of plastic resins and can be crafted into nearly any shape.

Solid-surface material can easily be crafted into one solid piece to combine the countertop and sink, giving everything a smooth, seamless appearance.

Solid-surface material comes in nearly endless color and style options, some that even look remarkably like real stone.

With something like Corian, you can get the appearance of marble or granite without the price tag that often comes with real stone.

Bathroom Vanities

bathroom white vanity
Custom bathroom vanity in Miami.

The style of vanity you choose should depend upon the rest of the design elements of your bathroom.

More traditional vanities are made out of woods like oak or mahogany, but a surprising new wood is becoming more and more popular.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly option that is sturdy and resists scratching, and it is becoming a forerunner in vanity materials.

A good bathroom vanity should accommodate a sink and at least a small amount of storage space with an ample amount of drawer storage for cosmetics and other accessories used for grooming.

Vanities are useful in both a full master bathroom as well as a half bathroom or guest bathroom.

The vanity is where many people spend most of their time getting ready for their day, so it is important to make sure you choose the countertop and vanity style that is going to be of the best use for you.

At Schwalb Builders Miami, we have the tools to help you choose the materials that are right for you and your budget before we professionally install the new elements of your bathroom. We are also able to help spruce up existing vanities with a new countertop!