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Wood bathroom cabinets in Miami, FL

Nearly as important as the fixtures in a bathroom are the cabinets and storage furniture that accompany those fixtures.

Storage space is an important factor to consider in any room of the house, and the bathroom is no exception.

No matter the size of the bathroom, the right storage fixtures can make the best possible use of the space you have available.

The right storage can keep all your bathroom accessories tidy and orderly without taking up too much free space in your bathroom and making the entire room feel cramped.

At Schwalb Builders Miami, we can help with all your bathroom storage needs.

With regards to bathroom storage furniture, we can provide and install everything from toilet toppers to medicine cabinets to linen cupboards.

As professional remodelers, we can design something to perfectly suit your needs and fit your space, all while providing a touch of style and elegance.

We can provide singular or multiple new or improved storage innovations for your bathroom; it just depends on your ideas, your style, and your space!

Medicine Cabinets

madicine cabinet
Special cabinet design in Miami

One of the most common bathroom storage fixtures is the medicine cabinet.

No one truly realizes how many little things make up a functioning bathroom until they don’t have a good place to put them, which is where medicine cabinets come in handy.

The medicine cabinet is a wonderful way to take those small odds and ends that usually lie scattered across your countertops and neatly organize them so that they are out of the way but still right at your fingertips.

We can custom design a medicine cabinet of any shape or kind to best fit in with your bathroom.

Most commonly located above the bathroom sink, medicine cabinets also include a mirror, which we can offer in an oval shape, rectangular shape, or square depending on the size and shape of the cabinet you choose.

It doesn’t have to be above the sink, though. This is your bathroom, and the storage can go wherever it is most needed.

Most traditionally, a medicine cabinet is mounted upon a wall (usually over the sink) like a hanging picture frame, but another extremely popular option is a recessed medicine cabinet, which is built directly into the wall. This is helpful for saving space in especially small bathrooms or for a sleeker look in a larger bathroom.

Special Storage for Bathrooms

water resistant bathroom cabinet
Special water-resistant cabinets for Bathrooms

Storage is often an overlooked element when looking into a bathroom remodel, but no more. We believe that storage space and cabinetry are just as important to consider as the tiles for the floor, the material for the bathtub, and everything in between.

The fact that we design and install these cabinets for you means that you end up with professional-grade quality with a touch of your own personality, which is something to take pride in.

Let the people at Schwalb Builders Miami help you with your bathroom remodel today! We can help you decide the best shape, type, and size for all your new bathroom cabinets!

We stand behind our work so firmly that we can almost promise your complete and total satisfaction.