2023 Kitchen Remodel Cost in Miami, FL

2023 kitchen remodeling cost
Sean Schwalb
Sean Schwalb


Your kitchen is more than just the heart and soul of your house. It is the place where you and your kids make Christmas cookies, get through math homework, and enjoy a Sunday afternoon playing cards.

After years of planning, hoping, and saving, you are ready to start your kitchen remodeling project. Still, you have one crucial question left: What are the costs in Miami associated with a kitchen remodeling project?

Here is a quick and straightforward guide to help you determine the overall costs of your kitchen remodel, from the cabinets and flooring to the small finishing touches.

Formulate a Budget For

Did you know that the average cost of remodeling a kitchen can vary widely and typically ranges from $25,000 to $150,000? The initial step in any kitchen remodeling project is creating an overall budget. This budget is not fixed and will change over time. However, formulating a foundational budget is a great starting point to help you understand what you can and cannot afford.


Chances are, your Miami remodeling project will begin with demolition. The overall cost of demolition can vary widely, depending on the scope of your remodeling project. Most construction companies charge by the square foot. The average cost for demolition in Miami is approximately $5 to $10 per square foot.

Prices can vary, so ask your contractor before the demolition project begins.

Demolition can be dangerous, so do not attempt to take on this challenging chore yourself. Instead, entrust the demolition of your kitchen to a qualified, licensed professional Miami contractor.

kitchen demolition miami
The Best Demolition Contractor In Miami, FL


The cabinets are a focal point in your kitchen. Much like the other materials required to finish your Miami kitchen remodeling project, the overall price of cabinets can vary greatly and cost anywhere between $15,000 to $86,000 or more. Typically, custom cabinets are more expensive than semi-stock or full-stock.

The style and materials will also impact the cost of your cabinets, as well.

While determining the costs associated with your Miami kitchen remodeling project, always set aside a large percentage of your budget to pay for your kitchen cabinets.


Another significant expense, the kitchen flooring, is another major factor to consider. Once again, there are so many options available that the overall costs in Miami associated with purchasing and installing flooring can vary greatly.

Stone and hardwood flooring are the most expensive and popular options. Stone flooring, including travertine, granite, and marble, costs anywhere from $4 to $20 or more per square foot. This typically does not include the cost of installation.

The cost of installation for stone flooring is another consideration. Because specialized tools, equipment, and a unique skill set are required to install stone flooring, you can expect to pay an extra $7 per square foot for the installation of the product alone.

Hardwood flooring is a timeless option that is slightly less expensive than stone. The total average cost to have hardwood flooring installed in your Miami home is anywhere between $6 to $18 per square foot. This includes the cost of materials and installation.

The hardwood cost depends on several factors, including the wood species, the material’s thickness, grade, and cut.

Laminate, tile, and more sustainable options are other popular kitchen flooring choices that are typically more cost-effective than stone or hardwood.


Your countertops will be used, abused, and just like the cabinets, are a focal point inside the space. As with cabinets and flooring, there is a multitude of options available at a variety of price points.

Stone countertops are the most expensive option available to most homeowners, and the final cost will typically depend on the type of stone, the stone’s cut, and its thickness. Get ready to crunch some numbers because when it comes to stone countertops, you can pay anywhere from $30 to over $300 per square foot to have stone countertops installed in your kitchen.

Other countertop options are available that your whole family will also love. From laminate and stainless steel to butcher block and recycled glass or even etched concrete, you can let your creative imagination go wild while choosing the ideal countertop materials for your kitchen renovation project.

cost of kitchen coutnertops
How Much Costs A Kitchen Countertop?

Labor and installation

Once again, the final cost of labor and installation for your kitchen remodel can vary drastically. The average cost a contractor will charge for labor and installation to complete their Miami kitchen remodeling services is anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000.

Hiring an interior designer should also be factored into your kitchen renovation budget. In Miami, you should expect to spend between $65 to $250 per hour for the services of an interior designer. Not sure where to hire an interior designer to help plan your kitchen remodel?

Your contractor or design studio can help recommend an interior designer in the Miami area.

Finishing touches and accessories

From handles and doorknobs to linens, a new kitchen table, faucets, and other little finishing touches, remember to factor these miscellaneous expenses into your kitchen remodel final budget.

For example, a simple kitchen faucet can cost anywhere from $20 for a lower-end chrome model to $100 for a brushed nickel or bronze spigot and handles. Want a top-of-the-line faucet with all the bells and whistles? Be prepared to spend anywhere from $200 to over $500 for a luxury kitchen faucet.

Set aside money for incidentals and accidents

There are many pitfalls associated with remodeling a kitchen. Unfortunately, if you do not set money aside for these accidents and incidentals, you might wind up with a half-completed project. Set aside at least 5% to 10% of your kitchen remodeling budget for accidents, incidentals, and unexpected repairs.

For example, if you have an overall budget of $50,000, set aside anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 to cover permit costs and the costs of accidents and unexpected expenses.

don't spend all of your money
Save Some Money Aside!

Kitchen Cabinets

When determining your overall kitchen remodeling cost, choosing your kitchen cabinets is a great place to start because the typical homeowner spends around 30% of their Miami kitchen remodel budget on the cabinetry. The first big question you need to ask yourself is: Should I save my money and opt for stock kitchen cabinets or spend more on beautiful custom cabinets?

Custom versus in-stock cabinets

There is a considerable price variation between custom and stock kitchen cabinets, so this is definitely a factor to consider while you budget materials for your kitchen remodel. Custom products cost anywhere from $400 to $1200 per linear foot.

Conversely, if you choose a model that is in stock at your local kitchen design store or home improvement store, the average cost is much less and is typically anywhere from $100 to $300 per linear foot.

Kitchen cabinet styles


Shaker cabinets have been a popular choice in kitchens for over 100 years, and for a good reason. This classic style, which features recessed panels, will work with almost any aesthetic, from modern to farmhouse or cottagecore. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,200 per linear foot for shaker cabinetry.

classic american cabinets
America’s Classic Cabinets by Shaker


Otherwise known as flat panel cabinet doors, slab cabinets are frameless and the ideal option if you want a sleek, modern, finished look. Typical the cost per linear foot of slab cabinets is typically less than shaker or other styles of cabinets simply because a cabinet will cost less to design and manufacture.


Raised panel cabinet doors are available in a variety of styles, from cathedral and square to the more traditional arch-raised panel. Because manufacturing raised panel cabinets require additional materials and design, the price per linear foot is on par with shaker doors.

Open shelves

Many Miami homeowners with small kitchens are choosing open shelving rather than traditional cabinetry with doors. The open shelves are typically less expensive than traditional cabinets featuring a box, doors, and drawer pulls or knobs simply because fewer materials are required to manufacture the product.

If you are working with a very limited budget and want to save money on materials, consider floating or open shelves. You can spend as little as $200 for small kitchens with simple open shelves. The cost of open shelves for medium kitchens is around $500, and for a large kitchen, you can spend anywhere from $500 to $1000.

Kitchen cabinet materials

The materials used to manufacture your cabinets will significantly impact your kitchen remodeling costs. On the more expensive end, you have solid wood. However, if you are looking for a far more cost-effective option, consider MDF or medium-density fiberboard.

kitchen cabinets materials
Many Types Of Cabinet Materials

Solid wood

Solid wood cabinetry refers to a cabinet that is manufactured from, you guessed it, a solid piece of wood. Because a wood slab is required to manufacture the cabinet doors, box, and frame, you can expect to pay the most per linear foot for solid wood cabinetry.

Typically, top-of-the-line solid wood cabinetry is manufactured from more exotic species of wood, including tropical ebony and Brazilian rosewood. If you are looking for a more inexpensive, domestic variety of solid wood cabinetry, opt for oak, maple, hickory, cherry, or walnut!


If you love the look of solid wood, but your total budget for remodeling costs in Miami is limited, consider plywood instead. Plywood is manufactured from thin wood boards that are stacked to create a more solid, sturdy finished product. Some plywood cabinets feature a wood veneer that mimics solid wood cabinetry.

Plywood is far less expensive than solid wood, so you will pay, on average, 15% more than other options, such as particle board or MDF.

Particle board

A more inexpensive but still durable and elegant option, particle board is manufactured from a mixture of ground wood pulp and a binding agent, such as modified urea-formaldehyde-based resin. The particle board cabinet is then coated to prevent water damage. Particle board is, unfortunately, less durable than plywood, but you will save on average 10 to 20% per linear foot if you opt for particle board over plywood.


MDF, or multi-density fiberboard, has been a popular option for homeowners and landlords remodeling homes with smaller kitchens. MDF is very similar to particle except that to manufacture an MDF cabinet, the maker will use sawdust rather than wood pulp.

Because MDF is much heavier than particle board, it is often used to manufacture the central core of a cabinet door rather than the entire door. The MDF core is then covered with a laminate or wood veneer to beautifully mimic the look and feel of natural wood.

what is the cost of kitchen flooring in miami
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Kitchen Flooring

Now that you have narrowed down your options for cabinets, it is time to put your head down and consider your kitchen flooring. Average Miami homeowners will spend around 15% to 20% of their entire kitchen renovation budget on the flooring.


An elegant and timeless option, you cannot go wrong with hardwood flooring for your kitchen remodeling venture. Once again, the average cost of hardwood flooring can range from $6 to $18 per square foot for the materials. The most cost-effective option for your Miami kitchen renovation is pine flooring, which will cost you anywhere from $4 to $10 per square foot.

If you have a larger budget and want to make your large kitchen look and feel envious and elegant, consider Brazilian walnut. On average, this attractive, durable option will run you approximately $11 to $20 per square foot.

The total cost of hardwood can vary wildly, so consider the square footage required to complete the project when determining the ideal wood flooring for your kitchen remodel.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

If your kitchen size is a consideration and you want a durable, elegant option that won’t break the bank, porcelain and ceramic tile are two great alternatives to stone and hardwood. If you have a small kitchen or for medium kitchens, the average cost to have ceramic tile professionally installed is approximately $4,500.

However, if you want to have top-of-the-line glazed ceramic tiles professionally installed in medium kitchens or a large kitchen, be prepared to spend anywhere from $8,000 to over $10,000 for the price of materials, including the tile and mortar and installation.

If you are concerned with the higher price tag associated with luxury ceramic tiles, remember that while the initial cost of installation is on par with many hardwoods, the overall cost of ownership is typically less for ceramic or porcelain tiles because these tiles do not need to be refinished.


If you love the look of natural hardwood flooring but are on a limited budget, laminate is a great choice! Your general contractor might recommend luxury laminate tiles or planks over hardwood because the price difference can be so significant between the two options. However, you typically will not skimp on style or durability if you opt for laminate.

Laminate is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. On average, you can expect to spend an average of $4 to $15 per square foot for your laminate floors. If you have a big kitchen and cannot afford hardwoods, luxury laminate is a perfect choice!

cost of laminate flooring miami
Choose Your Color & Tone.

Natural stone

Nothing beats the refinement, sophistication, and aesthetic appeal of natural stone floors. If you are considering selling your property and want to easily attract potential buyers, or if you simply want the best, natural stone should be at the top of your “must-have” list.

Remember, if you choose stone, you will typically pay a premium for the cost of installation, so while you budget materials, factor the installation cost into your final kitchen remodeling costs in Miami.

For example, the average installation costs of natural stone are between $7 to $18 per square foot. The cost of travertine floors is typically anywhere from $2 to just under $10 per square foot.

High-end granite can cost up to $16 per square foot for the cost of materials, while high-end limestone is far less expensive and will cost around $11 per square foot. If the square footage in your large kitchen is a consideration, but you love the look and durability of stone, there are affordable options available in limestone, granite, and travertine.


When you hear the term “vinyl flooring,” chances are you think about the rolled vinyl in your grandmother’s kitchen. Vinyl floors have definitely come a long way, and you would be amazed at the styles and color options available. If you opt for vinyl floors, you will pay between $600 and $2000 for the product to be installed. Prices can vary depending on your kitchen’s square footage and the type of vinyl tiles you choose.

Sustainable options

Many homeowners are concerned with the environmental consequences of their new kitchen. Your general contractor is an excellent source of information on kitchen design options that will have less of an impact on Mother Nature.


You might be surprised to learn that bamboo is actually a variety of grass and because it grows so quickly and requires no fertilization or upkeep, it is a very sustainable product. The average costs of materials are anywhere from $3 to $7 per square foot. If your kitchen size is a consideration and there is a lot of square footage to cover, bamboo is a fantastic, environmentally friendly possibility.

modern bamboo flooring miami
Cost Of Kitchen Flooring In Miami


Cork is a highly renewable, biodegradable product that is perfect for homeowners with small kitchens in Miami, FL. The total price, including costs of materials and installation, is slightly higher than bamboo. The average price of a cork floor is $5.35 to $8.50 per square foot.


Much like vinyl, linoleum has a bad reputation because it is often associated with outdated, drab kitchens. However, because linoleum is manufactured from a variety of sustainable products, including linseed oil, it is actually a great option if you have a tiny budget and a lot of square footage to cover!

Linoleum is still available in sheet form and is a very affordable option for landlords and homeowners with a massive amount of square footage to cover. Linoleum tile has a very low price per square foot installation and materials costs. The average price of linoleum tiles is approximately $5 per square foot.

Linoleum is also available in planks, and the price per square foot is comparable to linoleum tiles.

Kitchen Countertops

The average homeowner in Miami can expect to pay 10% of their remodeling cost in Miami on their kitchen countertops. The total cost of having a countertop installed in your Miami house can vary greatly, so it is best to understand all available options before making a final decision.


Granite countertops

Granite is available in four different grades, from closeout to premium. The grade, the complexity of the cut, the color, and the thickness of the granite countertops will impact the price. The average total cost of installation is anywhere between $45 to $200 per square foot.


If you want a manufactured product that is easy to maintain and available in an extensive variety of colors and finishes, quartz might be the answer for your whole family and Miami house renovation project.

Quartz is a generic term for engineered quartz counters, which are manufactured from a combination of resin and ground quartz stone. The total cost of installation for quartz countertops is between $55 to $150 per square foot.


A classic choice for countertops for the last several decades, marble countertops are beautiful but very tricky to clean and maintain. If you opt for marble countertops, be aware that you will need to pay to have the countertop resealed every few years.

Marble is also one of the more expensive kitchen remodel options, which makes it ideal for small kitchens. On average, the cost of installing marble countertops is between $75 to $250 per square foot.

cost of a countertop in miami
Marble Vs. Granite Cost


If you have a rustic kitchen, want to keep your kitchen remodeling costs down, but still want to create a kitchen your friends and family will envy, you cannot go wrong with soapstone. Having soapstone countertops professionally installed in your kitchen is between $60 to $185 per square foot.


If price is a consideration, but you still want to enjoy the unmatched elegance and durability of stone, a slate countertop is beautiful and easy to maintain. It will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Slate is a very affordable option for your Miami, FL, home. The typical cost of installing slate countertops is approximately $50 to $95 per square foot.

Wilsonart solid surface countertops

For homeowners with a more limited kitchen renovation budget who still want to enjoy the look of stone for less, consider Wilsonart solid surface countertops. Wilsonart solid surface countertops are manufactured from a mixture of resin, such as epoxy and acrylic, and pigments to mimic the look of stone.


Available in both in-stock and special-order varieties, laminate is an excellent option for owners in Miami, FL, with a very limited budget. Your general contractor might recommend laminate simply because the product is durable, easy to maintain, and a cost-effective alternative to solid surface countertops.

If you are a landlord in need of a large amount of countertop materials for several properties, you cannot go wrong with laminate.

The average installation and materials price of laminate is between $15 and $40 per square foot for your Miami countertops.

Other options available

In addition to the costs in Miami, appearance, and durability, you might have other factors you are taking into consideration while planning your Miami kitchen remodel. For example, if your project scope includes more sustainable, renewable options, you can purchase bamboo or reclaimed countertops for your kitchen renovation project.

cost of kitchen appliances
From Small To Big Kitchen Appliances


Expect to budget approximately 15% of your kitchen remodeling services and kitchen remodeling costs on appliances. Like every other aspect of renovating a kitchen, from the countertops to the floors, there are several other factors to consider when choosing appliances for your kitchen remodel’s project scope.

Size and available space

There is a reason why you should not think about ordering appliances before the countertops are installed and your construction project is nearing its end. You need to ensure you have enough available space to fit that new refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher.

If you measure before the final countertop is installed, you might wind up incurring unnecessary costs on repurchasing and returning appliances that simply don’t fit in the space.

Style and finish

From stainless steel and white to black, slate, red, and almost any color you can imagine, kitchen appliances are available in an astounding variety of colors and finishes. Consider the colors in your countertop, floors, and cabinets while choosing the ideal appliance finish for the space.

Energy efficiency

Chances are you have noticed that bright yellow label on appliances but are unsure what these labels mean. The label is placed on appliances to inform consumers how much energy it costs to run the appliance each year. Ideally, if you want to save the most cash possible on your yearly energy costs, you should purchase appliances that feature the “Energy Star” label.

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, places the “Energy Star” label on appliances that meet specific standards. For example, for appliances to receive this coveted distinction, the appliances must be well-tested and save the consumer a certain amount of money each year on their energy bills.

Be aware that while purchasing appliances with higher energy efficiency might be more expensive upfront, the money you will save on your energy bills over the years will make the added expense well worth it.


Obviously, the costs associated with purchasing and operating the appliances are a huge consideration. The costs of all appliances, from your larger refrigerator to the small appliances you use daily, can vary greatly. Your general contractor is an excellent source of information and can help you determine the best appliances for your construction and remodel budget and needs.

total price of kitchen finishes
Cost Of Kitchen Finishes In Miami

Finishing Touches

In addition to plumbing and permit costs, you must remember to factor in the costs of the finishing touches that transform your kitchen construction project into the kitchen of your dreams.


The kitchen hardware refers to the cabinet pulls, doorknobs, and handles that are found on your cabinets. One simple option is to use the color and tone of your countertops to choose your cabinet pulls and other hardware. The hardware costs depend on the finish, materials, and manufacturer. Do some comparison shopping to ensure you choose the hardware that is right for your Miami, FL, kitchen remodel.

Faucets and fixtures

Use your kitchen hardware as inspiration when choosing your faucets and fixtures. Just like the hardware, the costs associated with purchasing a kitchen faucet and fixtures can vary wildly and is dependent upon the finish, materials used, and manufacturer.

For example, a no-frills, simple chrome, or stainless-steel faucet costs far less than a high-end pewter, gold, silver, or platinum faucet and fixture.


Many Miami property owners overlook the potential expense and importance of lighting for their kitchen renovation project. Underestimating the lighting in the space can make your kitchen appear dark and uninviting.

In addition to an overhead light, another great way to highlight your countertops and appliances is to add undercabinet lighting.

Kitchen island

Your Miami renovation would not be complete without adding a beautiful, functional kitchen island. In addition to the available floor space in your kitchen, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a kitchen island.

For example, consider the costs of materials, including the countertop for your island. Are you going to use the same countertops or branch out and pair a butcherblock countertop with your slate, travertine, or laminate countertops?

kitchen island cost miami
The Cost Of A Kitchen Island in Miami


No kitchen is complete without a backsplash. In addition to adding a pop of color to the space, a kitchen backsplash actually protects the walls behind your sink and stove from mold and mildew growth!

The average costs associated with having a backsplash installed in your Miami kitchen depend on the materials, square footage, and installation costs. On average, the costs associated with having a backsplash professionally installed are around $1,500.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink

No Miami kitchen renovation would be complete with a new, shiny kitchen sink! Sinks have come a long way, and in addition to traditional drop-in or under-mount sinks, you can also have freestanding, wall-mounted, or farmhouse sinks professionally installed.

Many Miami residents are opting for an all-in-one sink. This model combines the sink with the countertop, creating a seamless finished appearance.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Kitchen Remodeling Costs in Miami

Between the costs of materials, demolition, new plumbing, labor, and permit costs, you might think you simply cannot afford the overwhelming kitchen remodeling costs in Miami. Keep hope because there are several ways you can transform your current space into the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Take your time and comparison shop

On average, it will take anywhere from six to eight weeks or longer to completely demolish and rebuild your kitchen. Take your time with the process; instead, take your time and compare prices online and in stores. Wait for your must-have stove or dishwasher to go on sale. Ask the sales associate if there are any clearance items.

You would be amazed at just how much money you can save if you bargain shop and take your time comparing prices.

Repair instead of replacing gently used items

One simple way to lower costs in Miami on appliances and materials is to repair items that are functional and save money to replace these pieces in the future. For example, is your dishwasher still working great but just doesn’t match your new appliances?

Set money aside to replace your kitchen dishwasher, stove, countertops, or other materials that you simply cannot afford to upgrade.

Avoid changing your kitchen’s layout

If your space is functional, and you want to save money, avoid changing your kitchen’s current layout. The costs associated with relocating plumbing and electrical are far higher than you might think. Even upgrading your plumbing to accommodate the new sink on your island can be very pricey, so think twice before you start relocating plumbing and electrical.

Optimize Your Floor Space

If your kitchen is seriously lacking in floor space, optimize the vertical space to make the room feel much more expansive than it actually is. For example, install cabinets all the way to the ceiling. If there is a gap between the cabinetry and the ceiling, utilize this space for storage.

Avoid cluttering your floor space with unnecessary furniture and appliances.

Think twice before tackling DIY projects

Many property owners mistakenly believe that one of the simplest ways to lower kitchen remodeling costs in Miami is to tackle a few DIY projects. For example, many owners will purchase peel-and-stick backsplash tiles because the materials are inexpensive and the instructions are simple.

Unfortunately, the materials are inexpensive because the product simply is not durable and will often not withstand the intense heat and humidity of a Miami summer.

Instead, if you want your kitchen remodel to be done right the first time, always leave every job, no matter how seemingly insignificant and straightforward, to the professionals.

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