2023 Bathroom Remodel Cost in Miami, FL

2023 bathroom remodeling cost in miami
Sean Schwalb
Sean Schwalb


schwalb bathroom remodeling in miami flThe bathroom is the epicenter of most homes in America, and this is no exception in Miami, FL. Bathrooms are the first room you walk into in the morning and the last place you visit before retiring to the bedroom in the evenings. They are sometimes crowded spaces used to get ready for dinner or a fun event and other times a place of escape, an environment to relax and unwind in at the end of the day.

A bathroom renovation and renovations of any kind are quite the undertaking. Remodeling costs and bathroom contractors – coupled with average labor costs and material costs, can add up quickly. This can get out of hand in today’s day and economic climate. Here at Schwalb Builders, our mission is to make a bathroom remodeling project simple and sensational. The remodeling process should be stress-free as it is both a hands-on and creative process.

Design, remodeling, and renovations are our expertise, and we aim to provide the best bathroom renovations while maintaining their accessibility. Schwalb Builders supplies free estimates, a solid plan of action, and a seamless structure to assist in any current bathroom project. We work hand in hand with our clients – collaborating to deliver their vision as the finished project.

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Top Rated Bathroom Remodeling Company in Miami, FL

Beginning Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

When taking on a bathroom renovation, there are multiple factors to consider, and it can be challenging to start. Whether you are looking at a full or partial bathroom remodel – the project remains overwhelming without support. Professional support is necessary when undergoing a large project of renovations.

Schwalb Builders has been in the business for over 15 years – our designs and services have continued to evolve and grow in that time. We make our client’s dreams become their reality. The creative process is collaborative down to every last square foot. Creativity is required in the process of design and building, and Schwalb has a team of strong, professional, and creative minds. Starting the journey of home remodeling and bathroom renovation requires a high level of skill and expertise, and with Schwalb Builders in Miami, FL – you are starting on the right foot!

Bathroom Renovation & Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Cost ranges for a bathroom remodel in Miami, FL, can vary. To understand the cost of remodeling your bathroom, you must consider a few components. You have to think about which components of the room you want to renovate, if not all, and you must also evaluate the importance of each and how that aligns with your vision.

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost Range in Miami, FL

The average bathroom remodeling cost range at the national average is about $6,050 to $18,000. This is an extensive range for an average cost, and multiple variables would undoubtedly affect this cost to remodel. The average cost range in Miami, FL, for renovations is approximately $17,000 and upwards of $72,000.

This can go from a full-budget bathroom remodel to a high-end full-bathroom renovation. The calculations are created due to multiple components such as – square footage, home value, electrical work, labor costs, etc. If you want to add major fixtures or have to deal with issues with your plumbing lines or fixtures, this can add to the total cost of your new bathroom and the bathroom renovation.

2023 average bathroom remodeling cost
What Is The Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodeling in Miami, FL?

Bathtub and Shower Remodel

The bathroom remodeling project costs depend on the updates you would like to issue in the space. In Miami, FL, many people choose to do a complete remodel or sometimes a simple replacement of the bathtub or shower. If you decide to update a bathtub or shower simply, you have options…

  • You can transform your bathtub by utilizing a drop-in tub, alcove tub, clawfoot tub, soaker, or whirlpool tub
  • You can choose to create a shower enclosure or wet room for your shower remodel cost or even go as far as creating a custom shower
  • You can upgrade your shower by replacing the shower door instead of throwing all of your remodeling costs into new plumbing fixtures

bathroom cabinet and tiles costBathroom Cabinets and Tiles

The cabinets and tiles are truly the pinnacles of your bathroom. They provide a backdrop for the room and create a feeling within that space. The shower walls and vanity cabinetry should be chosen thoughtfully to create a cohesive space.

  • The medicine cabinets can be demolished entirely and replaced alongside the sink
  • Special storage can be created and customized for any bathroom area

Bathroom Vanity and Counters

The vanity is the heart and soul of a bathroom. If you want to save money, it is best to focus your efforts on where the most extensive changes need to occur. If you are remodeling your vanity or countertops, you will likely be undertaking new cabinets and tiles so you can place less of your efforts on the shower or tub.

  • Custom countertops, sustainable materials, and natural stone can be utilized in your remodel
  • If you need more space, a double vanity can be created to suit those needs and provide additional space.
average cost of bathroom vanities and countertops
Bathroom Countertops & Vanities in Miami, FL

How to Budget for your Bathroom Renovation Cost

Budgeting for your bathroom can take some research and assistance from the professionals here at Schwalb Builders! It is essential to consider specific variables when planning a bathroom remodeling project. Your bathroom remodel costs depend on size, finish, scope and services.

Bathroom remodeling in Miami, FL, is a serious business. The size of the room contributes to the total cost. The finish level should be aligned with your budget from low to luxury. The scope deals with the actual scope of the work for the bathroom renovation – fixtures, changes or additions to the floor plan, utilities, and demolition. Lastly, the services you will require to complete the remodeling – will you work with bathroom remodeling companies or interior designers or hire labor with a building or construction company? All of these variables should be organized to budget for bathroom remodels.

bathroom remodeling by sizeCost by Size

The size of your bath is not the simple square foot, although square footage does have something to do with it. You also need to determine the number of fixtures within the bathroom. Dimensions of the bathroom have effects on the remodeling costs.

Deluxe Primary Bathroom

A Deluxe Primary Bathroom – is measured in the total square footage of the bathroom and fixtures. A deluxe primary bathroom consists of a double vanity, an extended vanity, or two sinks. This bathroom will have a large shower and bathtub that exist together or separately and a toilet. The bathroom facilities can be placed in their own room, separate from the vanity, and will have five or more fixtures.

bathroom remodeling by size chart
Levels Of Bathroom Remolding Sizes

Primary Bathroom

A primary bathroom, otherwise known as a master bathroom remodel – will also have a vanity with at least two sinks. It also will have a toilet and bathtub or shower. A master bathroom is categorized as having 4 or 5 fixtures.

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom is your basic bathroom setup. A full bathroom comprises a toilet, bathroom, or shower and 3 to 4 fixtures in total.

Half Bathrooms

A half bathroom or half bath – also known as the powder room, is a bathroom with a sink and toilet. It will not have a bathtub or shower. A powder room has 1 or 2 fixtures.

Finish Level

Bathroom remodeling costs include the level of finish for your bathroom renovation! This is an essential factor in budgeting for your bathroom remodel. If you need to focus on your budget, you will want to maintain focus on the finish levels of fixtures and materials. This is a major contributor to the final cost of your room. You can reduce average costs by planning out the details of every finish.

bathroom remodel budgetBudget & Mid-Grade Finishes

A “budget” finish deals with budgeted materials. You can repurpose old cabinetry for reuse to bring down the budget or shop at budget-friendly stores to map out your bathroom remodel. Generally, a budget finish deals with stock materials within a showroom that cost under $5 per square foot. Do your research here – stores like IKEA, Home Depot, and Target have premade pieces that can fit into your bathroom remodel cost.

A mid-grade finish moves towards a higher quality of materials. This moves towards higher-end brands and vanities that are not necessarily premade. Brands such as – American Standard or Kohler are good examples of mid-grade finish options.

The average cost ranges from $19,000 to $29,000!

bathroom remodeling comparison
Check Your Budget Before Starting A Remodeling Project

High-End and Luxury Finishes

The next tier of finish is higher-end and luxury options. Your total bathroom remodel cost is directly related to all of these materials, as you can go as wild as you would like when operating according to a high-end or luxury budget. High-end materials are of the highest quality, typically hand-made, and can include custom pieces or custom work. High ends brands are brands like – James Martin, Aviva, or Duravit.

Luxury is when there is a lack of budget, and you can completely customize your bathroom renovations. You have the means to really get creative and piece together exactly what is in your wildest dreams. This can evolve further throughout the remodeling procedure. Inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time.

Schwalb Builders can assist with any scale of finish for your bathroom remodeling. There is a sense of purpose we place forth when collaborating with our clients. Even if you are working on a tight budget, you can still achieve a beautiful new bathroom. We pay attention to detail, and that is where the magic of a remodel really unfolds.

The average bathroom remodeling costs in Miami, FL, are approximately $42,000 and up!

bathroom remodeling scopeScope of Bathroom Remodel

The project scope refers to the size of the project coupled with its small pieces. Earlier, we mentioned specific components – toilet, shower, tub, cabinets, vanity, and tile. Are you completely demolishing your bathroom to create something brand new? Or are you simply updating the utilities?

Rip And Replace Bathroom Remodeling

A “Rip and Replace” is a type of bathroom remodeling that is essentially a full remodel of the bathroom. It is precisely as it is named – you are ripping things out and replacing or repurposing them. The general layout of the original room will be maintained throughout the process. This is the best decision for renovations on a budget. You can pick and choose which items or areas you are ripping out for renovation or replacement. It is essentially a partial remodel, as specific features of the room will be refinished or replaced. If you need to make more considerable alterations, then you are looking at gutting the entire space…

rip and replace bathroom miami
Rip Everything, Then Renovate Your Bathroom.

Gut Renovation

A “Gut” renovation is also as it sounds – when a room is demolished or gutted and rebuilt from its bones. This is otherwise known as a full bathroom remodel. If you want to change the layout of your bathroom completely, you will complete a total gut renovation. When you are stripping a room down and rearranging the layout – there are additional services required that can limit you to working with specific professionals. The work completed for a fully gutted reno often requires permits and general contractors alongside an internal design team or architect.

You can also be completely transforming a room that was not otherwise a bathroom into a bathroom, and this would fall under the same category. From the toilet to the shower door, everything will be new in this instance. Schwalb builders provides free estimates on bathroom remodels no matter how large the project!

our bathroom remodeling services in miamiServices Required for Bathroom Renovations

Services are related to the physical service or services you will need to complete a bathroom remodeling project. You will need to understand the size, finish, and scope of your remodel to determine the services required. To determine services, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is demolition or construction work needed for your bathroom remodel cost?
  • Will you be completing a shower remodel, installing a new toilet, or new plumbing fixtures?
  • Is the layout being changed, and will you need city or building permits? If so, will you also require an architect?
  • Will you inquire about design services during your bathroom remodel?
  • Do you prefer to work with a team or hire out separately according to labor needs?
2023 bathroom remodel services in miami
Bathroom Remodeling Services in Miami, FL

Working With a General Contractor

Redoing master bathrooms, primary bathrooms, or powder rooms requires a large amount of labor. The cost to remodel includes the project scope as a whole and the labor and services used to complete said project. If you are going to require construction, you will want to team up with a general contractor! A general contractor is someone who will contract the rest of the work that is necessary for your bathroom renovations. Some general contractors provide and offer design, and others do not. This is something to note and something to ask when searching for your general contractor. Some general contractors will work with a designer to bring your vision to life, and others will work strictly on the build. They will determine load-bearing walls and help install light fixtures. They will also assist with the installation of an alcove tub or plumbing lines. When locating a general contractor for your bathroom remodel, consider the services that the contractor provides, your level of experience, and the size of the firm they are associated with. The cost of your contractor is also dependent on these factors.

interior design in miamiWorking With an Interior Designer or Architects

Should you utilize an interior designer, or will you require an architect for your bathroom remodeling or renovations? The remodeling costs will dramatically increase with the use of a designer or architect. Adding a designer to the set of your remodel will increase the remodeling costs by 20 to 30%. An architect is necessary when reformatting the room’s original layout or designing a new space entirely. They deal with the space’s technical elements, ensuring the square footage of the room fits within the home and inquiring about all permits. In contrast, a designer is there for creative design elements and is always optional.

Working With a Design-Build Firm

There are also some firms that do it all – like Schwalb Builders in Miami, FL! Miami bathroom remodelers are not challenging to locate but pinpointing a firm that does it all – can be few and far between. A design-build firm is a full-service company in the business of designing, building, and completing your entire bathroom remodel. You get the best of both worlds and benefit from each.

From the construction to the light fixtures and choosing which natural stone will look best for the backsplash on your vanity…that is what a design-build firm can do. Many clients prefer a seamless process during their remodel. This option for services allows for understanding the total cost and budget from the beginning of the project and teamwork throughout renovations. The possibilities are endless when you work hand-in-hand with a full-service design-build company. The client can provide feedback throughout the process, which creates autonomous relationships for future renovations.

bathroom and shower remodeling miami
The Cost Of Bathroom & Shower Remodeling

Things to Consider With Your Bathroom or Shower Remodel

The total cost to remodel a bathroom depends on all the previous variables reviewed. There are some other things to consider as well. If you choose to renovate a small bathroom in your home associated with the guest bedroom – AKA, the guest bathroom remodel – you will want to map out everything first and foremost. Unexpected things can pop up during a bathroom remodel.

Sometimes plumbing fixtures need replacing when not otherwise expected, or the bathroom fan stops working, so that needs to be replaced as well. It is best to budget for the unexpected because when change takes place, no matter how much you plan, things can still veer off course. Evaluate ways to keep costs down, such as utilizing your existing shower instead of replacing it entirely or replacing the shower head and hardware. Choose a prebuilt bathroom vanity to save money on installation, or add a new shower curtain for a fresh, modern feel rather than replacing the utilities.

bathroom remodeling cost breakdownBathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

Bathroom remodeling costs can be broken down among the categories that go into a typical bathroom remodel in Miami, FL. Every square foot and inch of that room counts towards the total cost to remodel. Whether you are dealing with a half bath at a smaller square foot or a master bath, there are typical components of both that help us break down the remodel cost.

Budget Small Bathroom Cost to Remodel

A small bathroom is not determined solely by size or square foot; the actual number of fixtures is what matters. If your small bathroom has 1-4 fixtures, it could cost the same amount as a master bath remodel. The pricing will be much more reasonable if you are dealing with a half bath with 1-2 fixtures. When looking at this, generally, there are specifics to a full bathroom renovation of a smaller bathroom in Miami, FL…

  • The average cost for a half-bathroom renovation is $7,000to $28,000
  • Refinishing a sink or vanity – $300 to $1,000
  • Replacing faucets or hardware – $500 to $1,500
  • Installing new lights – $800 to $2,000
  • Installing new natural stone or tile – $2,000 to $3,500
  • Adding storage or cabinet features – $1,200 to $5,000

High-End Master Bathroom Cost to Remodel

Bathroom remodeling costs for a high-end or luxury master bath will look very different than budget for a half bath. In the case of luxury, a toilet is not only a toilet – it can be a design element. Remember that a bathroom remodel to the home itself and the home value overall. A high-end remodel is your master ensuite can look as follows…

  • The average cost for a master renovation in Miami, FL, is $32,000 to $90,000
  • Adding technology and electrical work – $3,000.00 to $10,000
  • Lighting – $2,500.00 to $7,500
  • Flooring Costs – $7,000 to $10,000
  • Tile – $7,000 to $14,000
  • Cabinets and storage options – $7,000 to $18,000
high end bathroom remodel project miami
High-End & Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Standards

Recoup On Investment in Miami, FL

Every square foot of your home that you invest in will receive a return in one way or another. Bathroom remodeling costs are not always the first thing you want to spend your hard-earned salary on, but the investment will certainly pay off. How much actual value does a bathroom remodel add? The final cost to remodel has to deal with your personal time and energy. This is often priceless, so what kind of return will you see? In 2023 the returns are higher than what was seen in previous years. The current return on bathroom renos is about 93%!

This return is only seen on mid-high grade levels of finish. If you make budget changes to a half bath, you are unlikely to see the same return. Any upgrades will certainly help sell your home faster, but there is no guarantee of seeing back everything you put into it.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Remodeling

Are there additional costs associated with demolition?

Demolition is just about the only part of a renovation associated directly with the total square foot of a set space. If you are completing a partial or full demolition, there are costs related to both, but often, you have to break things down to build them back up again. The prices of a demo can vary depending on the labor required by your general contractor or company. The average costs for demolition are about $40 to $80 per square foot. We do not recommend you demo anything alone, as waste can be incredibly dangerous, and safety precautions must be in place.

Do I need a permit to remodel in Miami, FL, and how do I obtain a permit?

Both questions are valid when dealing with breaking down, building or rebuilding. Permits can be required for your remodeling process. If a permit is needed, this should be budgeted within your remodeling costs. If you are changing plumbing fixtures or plumbing lines, completing electrical work, or taking down load-bearing walls – a permit is needed. You can access a permit through the City of Miami.

How much is the average bathroom vanity?

There are different vanity options, from prebuilt to completely custom. To customize your bathroom vanity, you want to work closely with an internal designer and your general contractor. A pretty average single-sink vanity can start around $500 and range upwards towards $7,000. A double vanity will increase the overall cost, and the material costs will vary if you choose natural stone, terrazzo, etc.

What would be the average cost to remodel a shower?

Bathroom remodeling costs for a shower or a walk-in shower vary according to the square foot of the shower. The average remodel of a shower in Miami, FL, can range from $5,500 to $28,000. If you want to avoid a remodel, you can replace or upgrade your shower door or add a fresh shower curtain to make more minor upgrades and keep remodeling costs down. Schwalb Builders can assist with installing a new shower – we can also assist in the design, plumbing, and fixtures.

Can I save some money and DIY my bathroom remodel?

Doing things yourself when it comes to remodeling is something that has happened more and more frequently with the presence of YouTubePinterest, and other social media outlets. While it is perfectly reasonable to gain inspiration from media outlets and interior design trends, doing things yourself is not always the best option. Schwalb Builders provides free estimates on any remodeling projects, and we greatly advise against any construction without professional support.

bathroom renovating miami
Start Your Bathroom Renovation Process Today!

Start Renovating With Miami Bathroom Remodelers Today

Your bathroom renovation is our priority here at Schwalb Builders in Miami, FL! We are a trusted and reliable building company that has set out to envision the way renovation and remodeling work. We provide complimentary estimates to ensure our clients are able to understand the parameters of their budget and the scope of the project. We value planning with our clients to ensure every element of the remodeling process is realized.

We also provide a free remodeling tool to interact with, so our clientele can immerse themselves in the remodeling experience and get a sense of the space before changes are made. Schwalb is a seasoned and experienced building and design business that has long assisted in creating bathrooms that exceed expectations. Teamwork makes dreams become a reality. We want to be on your team and support you through your bathroom remodel and renovations. Let’s start creating your dream bathrooms today!

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