2021 Miami Bathroom Remodel Cost

batrhoom remodling costs in miami
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Sean Schwalb


Bathrooms are essential and one of the most used home spaces. They come in different sizes, styles, ad configurations. These are simply spaces for private use, while to others, they are luxurious rooms designed for relaxation and pampering.

However, one thing remains clear about bathrooms- they are investments that should be remodeled when necessary. Like other places, homeowners in Miami usually take the whole renovation process as an investment requiring a comprehensive analysis of involved costs. So, if you are considering a Miami bathroom remodel, how much are you likely to spend? Besides that, what are some of the most common bathroom renovations that homeowners here usually consider first? Well, let’s find out.

Toilet Installation $350 – $1,000

Remodeling a toilet can not only improve your bathroom but your whole home. But if you are in Miami, you need to have at least $350 to cater to the remodeling costs.

There are two types of toilets that contractors usually depend on, i.e., the elongated toilet bowl and the standard round toilet bowl.

Standard toilet bowls are usually the cheapest to remodel. But if you are keen on getting an upgrade, you can pay as much as $1000.

Bath Fan Installation $280- $500

Bathroom fan remodeling costs are slightly cheaper in Miami when comparing to the national average, which is around $350.

But the overall costs usually depend on the cost and model. Understand that the price of the fan dictates its quality which eventually influences what a contractor can charge.

A high-quality and affordable bathroom fan installation should cost you around $280 on the lower side. It’s also important to understand that the existing electrical wiring and ductwork are crucial in determining the final costs since they influence labor costs and extra materials.

Bathroom Sink Installation $340 – $800

Sinks are crucial for any bathroom. However, the cost for bathroom remodel involving sinks in Miami is quite expensive compared to the national average. Like other projects, many variables influence the total costs, including the type of sink and material.

All sinks aren’t the same, and since most usually bathroom sinks are mainly designed to enhance the esthetic value of homes, they have to be remodeled with utmost precision. If you already have a sink in place, sometimes the bathroom renovator may be forced to dismantle it and re-install it afresh.

Shower Installation $1000 – $3600

Of course, showers are critical points in most bathrooms. While lower-end remodeling costs in Miami may hit as low as $1000, a contractor can charge you up to $3600, depending on the type of remodeling, especially if you have a high-end shower.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are many components of showers. For instance

  • A new shower: generally, a new shower will take up to a third of the total bathroom remodeling costs. So, before you consider it, you must do a comprehensive overview of your bathroom design. Know what you want, how you want it, and the amount of money you are willing to spend before you can consider hiring a contractor.
  • Shower tub installation: to cut down on costs and space, it is recommended that you consider installing a shower tub combo. It is versatile and great for small as well as larger families with kids. But just like most remodeling projects, it’s affordable to improve the existing design of your current shower tub rather than installing a new one.
  • Installation of the shower liner: we consider liners are shower grounds. With the material upgrades happening in the construction world, you can now consider using natural stone or tile rather than the tractional PVC and acrylic. However, installation costs of a new shower liner can cost up to $2000 or more. That’s why most people usually consider remodeling or simply replacing the existing shower liners.
  • Shower door installation: installing a new glass door is between $800 to $1500. This price usually depends on existing factors, including the type of glass used and the size. Besides that, the design also matters in influencing the general costs. Installing side panels means that you are bound to pay more if you need the remodeling company.
  • Electric shower installation: it’s one of the most common shower installations. The idea of the installation of a functional powerhead also depends on the existing electrical wiring. While electric powerheads are generally cheap, the fact that you may need to employ a plumber and electrician inflates everything. You can get a high-quality electric showerhead between $100 and $500. However, a plumber may end up charging you almost $400 for labor. Besides that, you may need to pay nearly the same amount to get the services of an electrical contractor.
  • Shower tile installation: it’s among the cheapest shower remodeling projects that can cost as little as $1000. There are even some contractors who charge as little as $0.49 per square foot. But if the work is labor-intensive and involves a sophisticated design, then you can pay as high as $1500.
  • Shower pump installation: a lot of activities in the bathroom that require the use of a shower involve the use of water. Shower pumps are crucial since they help to improve gravity and eventually water flower. In terms of labor costs, a contractor is bound to charge you depending on local water pressure. Generally, you should be prepared to oat more even though shower pumps are relatively affordable.

Bathtub Installation $1000- $3000

The bathtub’s design, which includes the shape and dimension, are the few constraints determining the total costs of bathroom remodeling. Besides that, a Miami bathroom renovator will consider the location of your bathroom within your house to determine the costs. Generally, the more difficult it is to access your bathroom, the higher the labor costs will be. From the $1000 – $3000 price range, you should be ready with around $2500 in your pockets.

Some of the common types of bathtubs that Schwalb Builders can remodel:

  • Fiberglass bathtub: they are currently the most common types of bathrooms in this area. Besides that, fiberglass is a readily available material, and that’s why we don’t expect it to cost more than $500. The downside is that your warm bath will always end up getting cold after 15 minutes or so.
  • Acrylic bathtubs: their popularity in different households are driven by the fact that they are pretty versatile. Besides that, they easily fit even the oddest of shapes, and this makes them great for homeowners who are keen on improving the esthetic appeal of their bathrooms. They are relatively affordable since you can pay around $600 on the lower end and up to $1000 on the higher end.
  • Cultured marble bathtubs: they are the most expensive bathtubs currently. The difference between remodeling an old and installing a new bathtub is so minimal. While you can pay $2500 for remodeling an exiting bathtub, a new one would cost around $2800.

Secondly, the type of bathtub style also influences overall costs. Once you know the type of material that suits you, then go ahead and pick the kind of style the complements your bathroom. If you are thinking about minimizing the total costs, then you should consider the basic traditional style. Of course, there are many modern and updated bathtub styles, but you must be willing to spend a few more hundreds of dollars.

  • General tubs: Also known as recessed tubs since only one side is accessible while the other three sides are tucked in walls. General tubs are classic and also cheaper. However, they aren’t esthetically pleasing.
  • Corner bathtubs: they have two accessible sides while the remaining two are tucked inside the wall. You can make them esthetically pleasing by changing the design from straight to curved.
  • Freestanding bathtubs: they are also known as soakers or clawfeet. Freestanding bathtubs form the highlight of modern bathroom designs and are very popular on Instagram and Pinterest. They are quite expensive to install since they are generally deeper and more pleasant than the average bathtub.
  • Whirlpool bathtubs: do you want to feel that extra luxury that premium bathrooms offer? If so, then you must be ready to install a whirlpool bathtub. They usually have the functionality of Jacuzzis, featuring waterjets. They are ideal for those looking to experience therapeutic water massages, especially after a tough day or intense workouts. But the extra electricity and plumbing it needs mean that you will spend more dollars.

Note: while the renovator may choose to charge you standard costs, you might end up incurring more if you wish to have a larger bathtub. If the remodeling process involves a location change, then there will be additional plumbing costs. You must be extremely careful when remodeling your bathtub since you don’t want to risk ruining your bathroom with the complex piping system.

Countertop Installation $2000 – $3000

Who knew installing countertops in Miami would this affordable? The national average is around $2800, and maximum costs can rich as high as $6,000. But the final remodeling costs are dependent on factors such as countertop material. Different materials have their pros and cons, so they are influential in determining the final costs. There are more than 20 types of materials used to design countertops, and they include:

  •  Ceramic tile countertops: $4/sf – $8sf
  • Acrylic countertops: $12/SF – $23/SF
  • Granite countertops: $34/sf-$75/SF
  • Marble countertops: $40/SF – $100/SF
  • Terrazzo countertops: $47/SF – $65/SF

Cabinets Installation $2200 – $4500

The total costs of bathroom cabinet remodel depend on the type of material used, design, and location. High-end materials require more money, design implementation, and experienced renovators, and that’s why they are usually expensive.

Besides that, the number of cabinets is also critical in influencing the final costs. For instance, it would cost less to remodel three cabinets compared to 5 or 7 cabinets. Lastly, it’s also vital that you consider the type of renovation. Do you want a new cabinet set up or simply refurbishing an old one? Of course, it would cost less to engage in the latter.

Choosing to remodel an existing cabinet setup means that you may repair, refinish, or paint it. Besides that, you can opt to reface it.

Flooring Installation $1,700 – $3,000

Flooring is a significant part of bathroom renovation, and that’s why you should consider choosing a renovator with the right skills and experience. It’s critical in determining the style and the esthetic appeal of your bathroom and home in general. Bathroom designers in Miami usually consider factors such as the type of flooring material and the size of the bathroom in determining the final cost for bathroom remodel.

Take note that the optimal flooring costs in Miami are slightly lower than the national average. But if we are to consider the installation costs based on the material used, i.e., tile usually costs around $7.50/SF.

While those are the common remodel options that Miami residents are most likely to go for, there are different bathroom remodel options. For instance, do you want to remodel a full bathroom, small bathroom, or master bathroom?

Full Bathroom Remodel in Miami

The cost of a full bathroom remodel in this city can dip as low as $5000 and rich as high as $ 16,000, which means that the contractors will pull down everything and replace them. However, the only thing that will remain in place is the bathroom layout.

The owner should expect significant changes, including showers, cabinets, fixtures, lighting, mirrors, and flooring, among others.

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

It would cost you as little as $2500 or as high as $7500 to repair a small bathroom in Miami. Generally, homeowners usually spend an average of $5,000 for a 40 square feet bathroom or less. But if you are simply interested in improving the basic fixtures, you may be able to get it done for approximately $2,500.

Master Bathroom Remodel Costs in Miami

You need to have an average of $20,000 if you want to remodel your master bathroom in Miami. However, high-end fixtures mean that you can spend as much as $50,000 due to the high costs of premium design materials and other features such as a double vanity, freestanding bathtub, and lighting, among others.

But there are also costs customized to specific remodeling ideals, e.g., gut and demolish the bathroom, expansion, making it disability-friendly, among others.

Bathroom Expansion Costs

To expand your existing bathroom, you need to pay at least $2,000 on the lower end and up to $10,000 on the higher end.

These expansions are expensive because the expansion process usually involves installing a new plumbing system. Besides that, you need to consider installing drywall, framing and rerouting the electrical wiring system. A breakdown of expansion costs may feature:

  • Upgrading the electrical panel for more power: $800 – $1200
  • Rerouting the electrical wiring system: $2 – $5 per square foot
  • Installing the plumbing pipes: $500 – $2000 per fixture
  • Installation of the drywall: $2 – $3 per square foot
  • Architectural costs: $1500 – $2000

Gut and Demolish a Bathroom

The costs to effectively demolish and gut your bathroom are quite diverse since many factors influence determining the final costs. They include the type of bathroom fixtures that need to be removed, the size of the bathroom, and the type of materials.

Besides that, it depends if the walls will be demolished or not. And if during the demolition process the inner wall structure or the subflooring gets damaged, then costs will go up. On the lower end, you can pay as little as $400. However, this amount can reach as high as $2000.

Bathroom Disability Remodeling Costs

So, if you are changing your bathroom so that it can be accessible to those who are disabled, the renovation costs may vary depending on the new model. You are likely to pay around $2500 for basic renovations. However, some design requirements may require you to pay as much as $10,000.

Most handicap accessible renovations usually include installing walk-in bathtubs, changing toilet and sink heights, installing railings and grab bars, among others.

Cost of Bathroom Materials in Miami

Like we have stated above, the material is one of the biggest influencers of complete bathroom remodel costs. So, it’s beneficial to know the price of the materials you intend to use so that you can budget effectively. Based on the different bathroom remodel projectors, here is an overview of the ideal pricing estimate.

Backsplash Materials

  • Subway Tile Backsplashes: $6/sf – $14/sf
  • Stone/ tumbled marble backsplashes: $8/sf – $17/sf
  • Stainless steel backsplashes: $12/ sf – 21/sf
  • Copper backsplashes: $30/sf – $49/sf
  • Granit Backsplashes: $43/sf – $59/sf

Shower and Bathtub Material

  • Wall Tiles: $2/sf – $8/sf
  • Shower tiles: $3/sf – $6/sf
  • Cultured marble showers: $8/sf – $24/sf
  • Shower inserts: $50 – $500
  • Shower pans: $200- $700
  • Cast iron bathtub: $400 – $2500
  • Glass shower panels: $900 – $1250
  • Frameless shower panels: $850 – $1,300

 Sink Material

  •  Bathroom sinks: $30 -$1,500
  • Vessel sinks: $80 – $300
  • Undermount sink: $170 – $250
  • Pedestal sink: $150 – $500

Countertop Material

  • Ceramic tile countertops: $4/sf – $8/sf
  • Acrylic countertops: $12/sf – $23/sf
  • Laminate countertops: $25/sf – $36/sf
  • Bamboo countertops: $30/sf – $80/sf
  • Granite countertops: $34/sf – $75/sf
  • Soapstone countertops: $36/sf – $100/sf
  • Marble countertops: $40/sf – $100 sf

Bathroom Labor Costs in Miami

Besides the cost of materials, you will spend a massive chunk of the renovation costs on labor. Most people in Miami usually use the services of bathroom contractors for a high level of job efficiency.

There is no standard price for labor since the labor costs heavily depend on the type of contractor you will use and the job they are expected to handle.

There are two types of labor chargers. There are those contractors who charge per hour, i.e., $100/hour. Besides that, some offer fixed labor costs per project, i.e., $3000 per installation.

That’s why you must get several quotes from various contractors and make the appropriate comparisons depending on the levels of the services better. Understand that labor costs will account for 40% – 65% of your total bathroom remodel costs.

Getting Remodel Quotes

Once you have done your research and analyzed what different contractors offer, you should choose a contractor that provides value for money. However, there are other key factors that you should consider, including state licensing as well as insurance.

When you choose to sign a contract, other key details such as:

  • The remodel beginning date and deadlines.
  • An itemized list of materials, permits, and the type of labor involved.
  • The cleanup process after remodeling.
  • The remodel warranty as well as its description.
  • Possible remodel penalties if deadlines aren’t met
  • Possible reasons that could lead to extra and unexpected costs

Factors that Could Influence Bathroom Renovation Costs in Miami

Like we have stated above, different contractors offer different quotes. But pricing will also depend on the features that you decide to replace. So, when looking for a suitable contractor, these are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

The cost for bathroom remodel may be higher because:

  • Your bathroom is large
  • You need the remodel process to be done within a shorter time frame than usual.
  • You want the contractors to gut and replace everything in your bathroom
  • You want a tub and shower installed
  • You need the bathroom sub-floor to be replaced
  • You want the contractors to install premium countertops
  • The remodeling process involves significant structural modifications

The cost for bathroom remodel may be lower because:

  • Your bathroom may be smaller
  • You want to reuse certain fixtures such as sink and toilet
  • Your remodel schedule is quite flexible
  • The remodel only involves specific parts of the bathroom
  • There are no structural modifications required

How to Remodel a Bathroom

Many bathroom design ideas influence the remodeling process. for instance, it could be the tile design patterns, the color, finishing, and many others. But whether you choose to do this as a DIY project or employ contractors, the standard renovation process is still the same.

Plan your bathroom remodel design.

You have a vision of how you intend your new bathroom to look like. Its, therefore, important that you first create a makeover design. Some of the factors that you need to consider include:

  • The type of fixtures you want: do you want to replace or simply remodel the old design features?
  • What color scheme would fit your bathroom remodeling? Do you need a contrasting color decor or something plan and neutral?
  • Do you need to add or remove storage spaces?
  • Will you be forced to improve the design of existing utilities such as plumbing pipes and electrical wiring?

Contact the Renovators

Once you (and your spouse) have an idea of what you plan to do and are not planning to do it yourself, you should consider contacting a bathroom renovator or a company. They will give you a comprehensive overview of the whole project after doing a physical analysis and evaluating your needs.

Removing of the Bathroom Fixtures

Once you have agreed with the contractors, you can schedule the renovation process. The first step usually involves the removal of existing bathroom fixtures. During the gutting process:

  • The toilet has to be drained to minimize the chances of spillage.
  • If you are not remodeling the bathtub, sinks, and cabinets, ensure that they are covered.
  • All the parts that need to undergo remodeling have to be analyzed and removed if necessary.

Installation of the new fixtures and features

Whether it’s simply a simple repainting work or an extensive full bathroom remodel work, everything has to now start at this point. The installation or upgrading of the fixtures usually depends on the remodel being conducted.


Once everything has been done, the contractor will do final touch-ups before completing the project.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2021

The latest bathroom remodeling trends lean towards minimalism with distinct colors and panoramic views. Of course, when you are planning for a bathroom remodel, it’s always nice to look for new ideas, including the latest design trends. They include:

  • All marble everything
  • Glazed flooring surfaces rather than natural stone because they are stain-resistant and easier to clean
  • Installation of pedestal or corner sinks for small bathrooms to save on as much space as possible.
  • Installing towel bars in the back of small bathrooms to save up on the available space
  • Using larger tiles wherever possible since they accumulate less grout
  • Using the painter’s tape to mark specific height ranges, especially in areas where you want to install shelves, mirrors, and towel racks.
  • Utilizing a combination of vanity and in-built sink set of combos to ensure that you effectively utilize storage space but use as little space as possible
  • Installing more mirrors to make your bathroom feel more spacious
  • Bring in the outdoors by using transparent walls.
  • Incorporating flora if you are inspired by nature
  • A splash of deep contrasting colors
  • Neutrals
  • Statement lighting
  • Textured flooring materials with non-porous and non-slip features
  •  Installing floating vanities that offer open floor space for improved bathroom storage
  • Installing a shower bench enhances the functionality of your shower by sitting & shaving.
  • Installing medium-sized fans for a sense of privacy

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling will give your house a significant facelift. Several benefits come with home remodeling, and the major ones include:

Building a customized home space

One of the main benefits of remodeling is to improve and fully customize home space. Customizing your home is essential in ensuring that homeowners personalize their home spaces to suit their tastes and preferences.

Increased home value

Bathroom remodeling can significantly increase your home value in several ways because the whole process usually involves installing new appliances, updated bathroom components, and installing unique decorations. Besides that, remodeling helps to enhance bathroom utility.

Increased energy efficiency

Many modern bathroom appliances are energy efficient. Therefore, installing them can help homeowners to save energy and save money on their usual utility bills.

For instance, older toilet designs usually use several liters of water per every flush, leading to severe wastage. On the other hand, the latest toilet designs have been designed with water conservation in mind, and that’s why they usually use less than a liter of water per flush. When it comes to lighting systems, energy-efficient bulbs and LED lighting systems are generally the best.

Safety and access upgrade

Old homes that have standard design features don’t have the latest safety requirements. That’s why some bathrooms may pose severe risks to users, especially the elderly, if they don’t have textured floors with anti-slip features; not installing safety bathroom products could be vulnerable to severe injuries resulting from slips and falls.

An upgrade can also enhance accessibility and ease of use to the disabled. The installing of handles, ramps, and clutter minimization can help ensure that people with different abilities can conveniently access the bathroom.

Minimization of clutter

One of the latest modern trends is minimalism. Minimalism means that people are choosing to live and use things that they need intentionally. So, all distractions and excess possession, especially those that are underutilized, should be removed.

A remodeled bathroom will certainly have the latest modern features, including intelligent designs that help enhance efficiency and minimize all forms of clutter. That’s why a well-remodeled bathroom offers privacy and discreetness by providing a functional storage space where you can store your cleaners, towels, toiletries, in addition to medicine.

Improved esthetic appeal

An unattractive bathroom space featuring older designs and substandard fixtures can easily make your home appear messy. No matter how hard you try to fix, arrange, and clean it, you will always find that it doesn’t have the esthetic appeal.

However, a new design and reinstallation of certain fixtures can create a peaceful oasis with an anesthetic appeal. Lovely fixtures are one of the things that your family and friends will notice when they come over. Besides that, remodeling helps ensure that you relax in an attractive place that enables you to relax, especially after a long stressful day.

How to Choose a Bathroom Remodel Contractor in Miami

A bathroom can be one of the most exciting projects you will ever do. However, choosing a contractor can be pretty challenging, especially in Miami, when everyone is on top of their game. However, certain factors can enhance the selection process, and they include:

Bathroom Remodel Specialization

A contractor’s bathroom remodels specialization can tell you what you need to know and if their services complement your needs. Experts in remodeling usually work with existing structures; hence the art of specialization is essential. Check their customer reviews and previous remodeling projects before you finally decide to settle.

Type of Services Offered

You must check to see if the contractor is offering full or partial services. In most cases, contractors usually offer services inclusive of remodeling materials. Well, it’s generally essential to choosing a contractor who offers full service since you are more likely to get a bigger discount. Full remodeling service is highly beneficial for your peace of mind since you don’t need to deal with every aspect of your remodeling project.

The Turnaround Time

Efficiency is everything when it comes to bathroom remodel. Remember that a bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home that you indeed use every day. So, the contractors must complete it as soon as possible to minimize the chances of disrupting your daily routine.

Your aim should be to choose a contractor who works and delivers on schedule and has a great potential of providing the remodel work ahead of schedule. The best way to verify this information is to check the contractor’s plan and different customer reviews.

You have to choose the best contractor for you because many contractors usually promise to work on schedule but end up delaying. While this could be due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to work with someone or an entity that values time and can work around different unexpected constraints to ensure that the delivery is not late.

To ensure that your remodel expectations are met, here is an overview of an average bathroom remodels project turnover:

  • Remodel design: 2-7 days. It usually depends on the speed at which the client approves various models made by the bathroom designers.
  • Demotion: it takes 2-3 days. The bathroom location influences the period in the hose because the workers have to cart out the rubble carefully to minimize damaging other parts of your home.
  • Plumbing and electrical wiring rough work: 3-4 days, usually depending on the remodeling structure.
  • Installation of fixtures: generally, it depends on the institutions being changed, and so it might take between 4 days to 2 weeks. Fixtures installation usually includes walls, cabinets, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, vanity tops, and floors.
  • Finishing and inspection generally take a day or two because it depends on the possible issues that the client may raise. In case there are severe upsets, then finishing will take longer.

Miami Bathroom Remodel Cost FAQs

Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

Of course, it is. Many benefits come with improving the functionality and appearance of your bathroom. You get to experience improved ease of use as well as accessibility. Besides that, your home’s esthetic appeal will improve significantly. A bathroom remodels can also increase your home’s values. Most homeowners usually end up recouping more than 60% of the renovation costs. So, it’s worth it, and you should consider it.

Our Bathroom Remodel Projects Generally Expensive in Miami?

Bathroom remodeling projects are affordable in Miami compared to other cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Diego. Will contractors usually offer cost-effective services? What you will spend mainly depends on the size of your bathroom, the type of remodeling work you are interested in, and the materials you expect the contractor to use.

How Can I Find a Trusted Bathroom Remodel Contractor?

Miami has all types of contractors that you need who have specialized in different areas of bathroom remodel. However, you need to be careful since all companies usually claim that they are top-notch contractors. Before you finally decide to pick on a contractor, check their website and some of their project demos.

Besides that, consider checking customer reviews. You can also make calls to inquire about their offer’s services and gauge their response if they are reliable and trusted. Note that a good contractor won’t use a sales language, but they will furnish you with the correct information.

How Long Does a Remodel Process Take?

Well, it depends on the complexity of the bathroom project. The more straightforward the task, the fewer the days it will take to complete it and vice-versa. If there are significant structural changes, including the reconfiguration of the floor plan, then the project can take up to four weeks.

When Should I Remodel My Bathroom?

Of course, you can only remodel your bathroom when you have a budget for it. But there are sure signs that usually indicate it’s time for you to consider upgrading this particular room in your house. Some of the most common symptoms include an aged bathroom with inefficient appliances, non-functional fixtures, and water leaks. It could also be necessary, especially if you intend to sell your property in a few months and earn more from it by attracting the appropriate investors.

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