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You are ready and excited to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, or your entire home. No matter what the size or scope of the Miami home remodeling project, the idea of creating a budget, finding a general contractor, and working with a construction company can seem daunting and a little overwhelming.

If you are ready to find a professional remodeling contractor in the Miami area, the local pros at Schwalb Builders are ready to guide you through the entire process.

Bathroom remodeling

According to a 2018 Cost Versus Value report, the average homeowner can expect at least a 70% ROI or return on investment from their bathroom remodeling project, making a bathroom remodel one of the best ways for a homeowner to upgrade their property.

A bathroom remodeling job can be overwhelming, and if you are considering changing the layout of your bathroom or adding square footage, you need to call in a professional to finish the job and ensure that your new bathroom complies with all local and state building codes.

Bathroom cabinets

Choosing the ideal bathroom cabinets is a great place to start your bathroom remodeling project. In addition to recommending the ideal bathroom cabinets for your space, the professionals at Schwalb Builders can custom-build a one-of-kind medicine cabinet or linen closet.

Vanities and countertops

In addition to being a central focal point in your bathroom, the vanity and countertops are one of the most significant expenses associated with a Miami bathroom remodeling project. Luckily, we are here to help you choose the ideal vanity for your space.

Have a growing family and need a more oversized vanity that will not overwhelm the space? Our professionals might recommend utilizing the vertical space inside the bathroom and adding more storage through extra cabinets rather than a more oversized vanity.

There are a seemingly insurmountable number of bathroom countertop options available. Natural stones, including travertine, marble, and granite, have been the gold standard because of the products’ durability, look, and resale desirability.

If you want a more affordable choice, laminate and Corian are two great Miami remodeling options that are durable, elegant, and highly recommended by remodeling contractors in Miami, FL.

Bathtubs and showers

Upgrading your bathtub or shower is the ideal way to transform your hum-drum bathroom into an inviting oasis. Your general contractor can recommend a variety of modern and classic bathtub options, including a timeless clawfoot tub to a luxurious whirlpool model.

One of the quickest and most cost-effective methods to make your bathroom look clean and fresh is with a new drop-in shower enclosure. The professional remodeling contractor can either install a new enclosure over your existing shower or, if there is damage to the underlayment, install a brand-new shower enclosure.

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Walls, tiles, and flooring

No bathroom construction or remodel project would be complete without updating the tile walls and flooring. Extending the tile from the shower throughout the rest of the bathroom is a great option to create a cohesive space.

The contractors in Miami, FL, will recommend the ideal flooring for your style and budget. Porcelain and natural stone are great options. However, if you really want to transform the space and increase the value of your house, consider radiant floor heating.

Kitchen remodel

The kitchen is truly the heart and soul of your house, and if you want to create an ideal space to entertain guests, make memories with your children, and enjoy a romantic night with your partner, the professional remodeling contractors at Schwalb Builders can hold your hand throughout the entire kitchen remodel or construction project.

Kitchen cabinets

Choosing the ideal new cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom remodels will make and break your project. Your project manager will provide you with a personal touch and will walk you through every step of this crucial interior remodeling process, from devising a budget to choosing a construction material and creating a 3D rendering of your beautiful new cabinets.

If you aren’t convinced we are the ideal professional remodeling contractors for your needs, our labor contracts come with an unprecedented one-year warranty!


Want to devise a home project that will completely transform your kitchen’s aesthetic without costing you a small fortune? A custom backsplash can not only add a pop of sophistication or color to your kitchen, but a backsplash behind your sink and stove can protect your walls against mold and mildew.

The weather in Miami, Miami Beach, and South Florida is notoriously hot, humid, and sticky, creating the ideal mold and mildew environment. Adding a tile backsplash can reduce mold proliferation, saving you money on future repair services and remodeling projects.

Tile and flooring

Much like a bathroom remodeling project, choosing the ideal tile, hardwood flooring, or laminate for your kitchen is crucial. The durability and luxury of hardwood floors are unmatched and have been a popular choice and ideal for almost any Miami remodeling project. Laminate mimics the look of authentic hardwood flooring but for a fraction of the price.

If you are looking for a more sustainable option, remodeling contractors often recommend bamboo, linoleum, cork, and engineered hardwood. A professional remodeling contractor at Schwalb will discuss all the materials available to you and each material’s pros and cons.


Much like your bathroom remodeling project, the countertops in your kitchen will act as a focal point and account for a large portion of your construction budget. We specialize in kitchen countertops and will pair with a fantastic remodeling contractor who can determine the best option for your budget.

From a minimalistic, modern approach to the farmhouse, cottagecore, and rustic aesthetics, we have the remodeling services available to find you the perfect countertops for your kitchen renovation project.

Home remodeling projects

Other services focus solely on kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Sure, kitchens and bathrooms are our specialties, but we are a full-service Miami remodeling and construction company that is the best company to handle all of your remodeling needs and dreams.

Want to demolish and reconfigure your master bedroom? The excellent remodeling contractors at Schwalb Builders can help you with that. Need a contractor that can repair the damage and reinvigorate your three-season porch after natural disasters, including the dreaded hurricanes that can rip through Miami Beach and Miami, FL?

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After you file an insurance claim, contact our project management team, who will provide you with quality service and quality work

A total house construction project can be daunting. We understand the importance of good communication, great customer service, and the personalized approach that comes with working alongside a locally owned Miami remodeling company.

What to Expect During a Home Renovation Remodeling Project

This is your first experience with house construction, hiring a contractor or general contractors, or the construction industry as a whole. You will be pleasantly surprised that the South Florida and Miami, FL home renovation and home remodeling is a very simple, straightforward process.

The basic steps of a home renovation project

Creating a budget

First and foremost, before you contact a single contractor in Miami, FL, or start planning the kitchen, bathroom, or whole home remodeling project of your dreams, you need to create a preliminary budget.

Walking into the project with a ceiling number in mind will help the remodeling contractors in Miami better understand the materials required to obtain the final results you are after.


Now comes the fun part: demolition! Like the rest of your house remodeling plan, the remodeling contractors in Miami will create a demolition plan that ensures the structural integrity of your house remains intact, everyone involved is safe, and the construction debris and mess are cleaned up ASAP!

remodeling budget miami

Wiring and Plumbing

For many homeowners, the key to creating the bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom, or den of their dreams involves reconfiguring the space. This involves a lot of electrical or plumbing work. A good remodeling contractor will discuss the additional expense that is required with reconfiguring or upgrading the plumbing and wiring in an existing space and the plumbing and wiring requirements and cost involved in new construction.
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Flooring and Walls

After a total demolition or, in the case of a new construction project, the walls and the floors are installed on the home’s interior frame. Our professional remodeling contractor will walk you through each step of this process.

Cabinets and Backsplash

Finally, your local contractors will work with you to create a realistic timeline for your Miami remodeling project. Obviously, the timeline will be based on several factors. If you are completely remodeling your house, the process will take much longer than a less complicated bathroom or kitchen remodeling job.

Either way, we will offer excellent customer service throughout the entire process to ensure you remain abreast of any alternations to this initial timeline.

Why Choose 3D Remodeling Services?

If this is your first experience with home remodeling in Miami, FL, visualizing the finished project from a traditional blueprint or 2D rendering can be tricky. We want you to be as informed and involved as possible, and that is why here at Schwalb Builders, we utilize 3D remodeling technology to help you realize your house remodeling vision.

It allows you to conceptualize the design with greater ease

Unless you are a professional contractor with years of experience, understanding your kitchen’s new layout or finding the ideal position for a bathroom vanity on a 2D blueprint can be tricky. Your remodeling contractor will create a beautiful 3D rendering of your house remodeling design, which will help you better understand and appreciate the final product.

Increased Detail and Accuracy

Want to gain a greater understanding of how the different colors, design elements, shapes, and materials can impact the overall look of your home remodeling adventure? A 3D model allows you and your Miami general contractor a chance to add every unique detail and finishing touch that makes a house a home.

Want To Speed Up The Process?

Creating a 2D rendering of any project, from an entire house remodel to a simple kitchen redesign, is time-consuming and laborious. Want a fun and fast way to speed up this process? At Schwalb Builders, we are in the business of getting you into your dream bathroom, kitchen, or house as fast as possible.

Utilizing 3D technology is the fastest, most accurate, and best way to realize your Miami, FL, home remodeling dreams.

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kitchen remodeling functionality

Why Should I Hire a Miami Remodeling Company?

Let’s face it: Remodeling your Miami home can be expensive. If you are like most Americans, you want to save as much cash as possible on your Miami remodel and aren’t sure if hiring a remodeling business is worth the added expense.

Unless you are a professional contractor, chances are you do not have the skills, knowledge, and tools to complete even the most straightforward remodeling job. Our company has proudly been in business for over 15 amazing years, and we will gladly provide you with all the services necessary, from the initial consultation to the last coat of paint!

When you consider the time you will save on planning and realizing the construction project, you will quickly realize that, in many cases, it is actually more cost-effective to work with a Miami remodeling services provider than trying to complete the job yourself!

Ability to quickly detect and repair potential design issues

Despite the best efforts of you and your remodeling contractor, there will be inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and last-minute changes to your initial home remodel plan. Utilizing 3D technology allows remodeling contractors in Miami, FL, to detect and fix any potential design issues quickly.

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We make it our business to ensure that all the services we offer are top-shelf and that you understand what is occurring during each and every step of the remodeling process.

Not sure where to start? The first step is to contact one of our fantastic remodeling contractors or construction management services providers to begin the process. One of our business services professionals in Miami will provide you with a completely free consultation and estimate to help you understand what services are offered, what is involved in the remodeling process, and a rough idea of what it will cost to finish the remodel.

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Are you tired of existing in your drab master bathroom or dated kitchen and ready to work with a company that has been in business for over 15 years and has helped thousands of families realize that Miami remodeling dreams? Give us a call, and we will team you with a remodeling contractor who can fill you in on all the amazing remodeling services our company offers!

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